45 Chapters
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALPHA SEVEN READERSWhilst this book is best to be read going in blind in order to fully enjoy the story, I understand that there may be triggers.This includes, but is not inclusive of;RapeAbuseViolenceGoreMature languageDistressing ScenesAdult situationsPlease understand that whilst I’ve done my best to include all possible triggers, I don’t know what affects you on an individual basis. If you see something and it has triggered you, let me know and I can add it to this list to warn other people. However please understand that I cannot possibly list everything, as that will ruin the story for some people.I hope you can understand and you enjoy the story I’m telling - not every character is good, and I don’t always agree or condone their actions. But these people exist. Also remember that whilst they are human, they are led by an animal th
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Chapter 1
ELLIOTTDominic was close.Every movement resounded through the walls, the creak of his bones as he shifted sealing Alpha Elliott’s fate.Breathing was difficult, but Dominic already knew Elliott was weak.There were no screams of warning, no war-cries.Just claws on tiles, a growl warning him that he wasn’t far.Alpha Elliott had turned his mind link off at the advice of his doctor, he wasn’t to be disturbed in his final battle with death, but he didn’t need it to know that Dominic was inhaling his dying scent.“Come in, son,” the words left Elliotts chapped lips in a rasp.The door flew open, revealing Dominic in his wolf form, his fur wet from the morning dew. He bared his teeth, and Elliott knew that the end was near.“I’m dying, Dominic, let death take me naturally. You don’t need this on your conscience.”The wolf circled h
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Chapter 2
TWO YEARS LATER“Dante!”I looked up, still counting the reps the man beneath me, Arnold was lifting. “Yeah?” I called back, not moving my eyes from Arnold.“Ten minutes till closing, you nearly finished?” Blaine was anxious to leave, being a Friday night and all. I eyed Arnold, whose face looked like it was going to burst. “That’s it, pal. Easy,” I gripped the bar, marveling at how weak humans were. I could lift this thing with my little finger, and I wasn’t the most powerful wolf in the world. “How is it so easy for
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Chapter 3
beta/ˈbiːtə/nounthe second letter of the Greek alphabet ( Β, β )AXEL “Alpha doesn’t care what the books say. No teen is going to school in the local society until they have their shifting completely under control.”“But Beta—“Axel leaned back in the chair, the cool leather soothing his skin as it sparks with rage at the prick in front of him.“Do not say another word, or I will cut out your tongue,” he snapped. “Greg, escort Bez back to base.”Greg glared at me but nodded stiffly. He wouldn’t argue with his Beta, not when he
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Chapter 4
Dominic  I twisted the pen in my hands, listening as the council argued it out. In the end, it was my decision, but it was fun listening to them. “If we send them to our school, how will they function in society?” Vex barked, shaking his head.  Axel didn’t seem to be paying attention, and I looked at him sharply, mind linking him to speak. He bolted up, but something was on his mind. I knew something was on his mind, and it was consuming him.  “I’ve told you all, countless times, Alpha doesn’t want them mixing with humans until they are at least college age,” Axel reminded them.  Read more
Chapter 5
DANTE I laid the girl on my bed and slumped into the chair in the corner of the room. The moonlight slipped through the window, which bore no curtains. The silver light shimmered over the sleeping girl’s bruised face, but at least the blood was gone. I’d cleaned it up carefully so as not to wake her. I tilted my head back, exhaling as I closed my eyes, imagining an uncomfortable night’s sleep lay ahead. Nightmares had chased my dreams away, but still, I had to sleep, or I would become weak. A bolt of pain burns at my throat, snaking its fiery way into my chest as it took my breath away. I clutch at my throat, falling to my knees as my eyes well up with agony. What is going on?
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Chapter 6
AMBERDante was about six foot, give or take, and his eyes were almost green up close.The same gold that spilled into the ones that had gazed at me from the wolf’s eyes swirled with the green hues, and I knew.I haven’t imagined it.This guy is a werewolf.I’d heard whispers about the mysterious Seven clan that lived out in the woods. No-one ever saw them, and no-one dared venture in.Yet here I was, in a flat above a gym with one.Glancing around, I can’t help but wonder if the rumours are true.If they are indeed millionaires, then why was this one living in such a basic flat? There was a battered sofa pushed up against one wall, none of the windows I’d seen had curtains, and the floor was…ripped.Dante gazed out of the window, his breathing warming the glass in clouds of smoke
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Chapter 7
DOMINICThe door opened to reveal Sasha and Axel, their hands laced together to show their new unity.“Leave us,” I barked at Axel, who flinched, but remained still.“You want me to watch, right?” He said quietly, his eyes on the floor. “I’m not leaving her with you.”I lifted my eyebrows, flabbergasted that my beta would continue to disrespect me so.My eyes met Sasha’s, her chest heaving as she met my eyes.“Tell your mate to leave, Sasha, before I rip his throat out and fuck him in it.” I smiled, examining her ample cleavage with interest.Axel moved forward, but Sasha put her hand on his chest, shaking her head as she gazed at him.“Go, Axel,” she commanded, and Axel flung open the door, nearly snapping it off his hinges as it slammed behind him.“What the fuck is his problem?” I laughed, mo
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Chapter 8
DominicMy wolf was silent.I ran through the forest at speed until the branches closed in on us, the scent of wet bark soothing my senses. My mind whirled with thoughts of the issues the pack faced, mainly the land we lived on.It was owned by us and had been for as long as I could remember, but land surrounded it that the government owned. For years, they’d pestered me about putting little lodge cabins by the lake, leading to the coast not far down from us.Did they want tourism or scandal?There was no way the pack would resist humans dotted around like fucking candy.I had to stop us from being exposed.But how?The Lylan Pack were the closest pack to us, but this didn’t concern them. They were happy in the mountains, and they coexisted peacefully with humans, something I refused to do.I hate humans. We’d been lucky enough not to have any as our fated mates, and no one would dare choose a hu
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Chapter 9
DANTEI watched Amber walk away towards the train station. Her head turned back once or twice as she tugged her shiny case behind her.You’re connected. I didn’t need my wolf to tell me that.I felt an affinity to her, and it was nothing like the mate bond I’d shared with Sasha that day.FLASHBACK“Are you looking forward to finding your mate?”I’d looked up at my father, grunting something inaudible.He was nervous because he thought I’d end up like my brother, Dominic, who was mateless.My eyes scanned the room, landing on Dominic as he glared at everyone around him.Unsociable, that’s all, Mother had said. My chest ached at the thought of her words in my mind. I could still smell her perfume, hear her sweet yet authoritative voice.She’s gone, Dante. Dominic’s gaze met
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