The Date

Liza looked at the place before her in amazement, as Steve glanced around uncomfortably, his smooth and slick mask melting away and being replaced by a man trying to impress the woman he liked. Steve had shown up at Liza's house with potted roses in his hands and a handsome smile on his face, sharp at 7:00. He was wearing black jeans with a forest green button-down, which somehow matched perfectly with the color of Liza's dress. His hair was messily styled and the way he presented the potted roses to Liza with a flourish, no one would have assumed that he was the author of a bestseller. Liza looked at him and her heart fluttered, not with excitement but with uneasiness, as to what was to come.

Liza had taken the flowers from him and had handed them to Melanie, who had gushed over how cute they look, effectively embarrassing Liza and making her feel like a sixteen-year-old teenager going to prom instead of a 28-year-old grown woman. Steve had opened the door with her, with a c

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