Eyes for only Rashey

That very evening Wendy contacted someone where she took Rashey. And it was none other than a witch doctor. Rashey explained what she wanted to that man. He gave her some herbs and told her to put it into any drink. He will pass out and when he wakeup, he will only remember you. The man told her and Rashey beamed with joy. I will finally get you back Malik. She thought deeply into her heart.

While drinking, she remembered that he will wake up. So she had to be there. To see the hurt and jealousy in Rim's eyes. She drove back to the car and intended to look for the hospital that they took him.

Little did she know that an ambush was already waiting for her. Just as she turned her car, another car prevented hers from moving. She cursed the driver and went out to see but she was immediately captured and thrown into the car. Rashey was drove by the unknown men on lack and taken to a place with no people. They beat her to death.

Just when she thought that she was g

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