His high-class maid

His high-class maid

By:  Khads  Completed
Language: English
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Be my woman. Give your all to me. You will not regret it. l will revenge for you. I will treat you well I will give you everything you desire in this world. Even if it means getting the stars from the sky l will.

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Valdez Cummins Elizabeth
I love the story
2021-07-26 04:17:43
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Riska Nadiah
nice novel
2021-07-22 01:31:10
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I can barely understand what this means half the time
2023-01-06 03:14:23
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Zaida Estrada
Omg it could have been a good story but English is definitely not author first language .The translation had so many grammatical errors and I couldn’t even understand it oh my gosh don’t pay any money for the store unless you wanna have a headache
2022-02-02 23:09:26
102 Chapters
You should avenge your family
Who chopped these salads? Shouted Magdalena the oldest maid of the Johnson family. Its not me.. It's not me either. The two maids denied right away.Magadalena's face twisted with anger. It must be that Rim then. I wonder what l have to do for that girl to do things right. What kind of a girl is she? . How can one fail to chop tomatoes well.See how all salaads look like they are being chopped for animals. Oh God give me patience. Give me patience to deal with this girl. How are children of these days are raised. Magdalena went on to scold Rim who is the newest maid that just joined them many times as she wished. . She doesn't know how to clean, cook and even wash clothes yet she is the old woman's favorite. I think this unfair. Interjected Harriet another maid around in the kitchen. Yes l also think the same. We have been here for almost three years but the old woman doesn't even eat what we cook or arrow us in her bedroom. But the person who just arrived recently without an
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Beauty with out brain
Rim actually didn't know where to go. Hashim wanted to give her a place to stay but she refused him. She couldn't trust anyone at that time.Aimlessly she went to a taxi park with Tamim and they boarded a taxi to k city which is the capital of U country.They reached k city and checked in a small guest house where she paid to stay for a week. During that week she stayed at the guest house, she treated her young brother and the fever he had gone. She was thankful for that.She realized that she is responsible for taking care of her young brother. Checking her bank account balance that her parents used to deposit every month, Rim decided not to use the money for her own benefit but keep it for Tamim.When that week gone, Rim decided to send Tamim to a school that wasn't know to her family relatives. A school that is on the outskirts of the city. She made sure to research for the school's academic records and they weren't that bad. She put Tamim in a boarding se
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Don't you know how to apologise
Rim stopped crying and decided to be the person she is right now. A maid. Even though she feels like she is dreaming, she forced her mind to accept the fact. She had to get it that however much she misses and cry for her father and brothers,they will not come back.And for her mother, Rim just prayed that there will be a miracle and she came to see her alive one day. After all till now her dead body a word that sounds too harsh to her ears wasn't found. She doesn't no cooking, cleaning and other related house chores. She got her phone and opened YouTube. She is greatful that there is wifi in the villa that you can use however much you want.Since the old lady  was kind to her, Rim wanted to please her and also make her fellow servants who look down on her more jealousy. She downloaded few cooking videos from YouTube to her phone. She thought to start with cooking. Every maid in the villa has a day to cook. But because the old lady
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When did the two of you get married
Grandma don't be fooled by this kind of a woman. Doesn't she have eyes to see where she is going.l don't even believe that she came to work as a maid in the first place. What kind of a maid look like this. Malik replied after the oldlady accused him of shouting at a woman.He just checked the young girl in front of him and couldn't find anything bad on her. What game did she think she is playing. This the Johnson family incase she doesn't remember. Play tricks won't help her. It will instead lead her into trouble. May be she was sent by our enemies. He continued to think in his mind. His eyes not leaving her entire body. Rim rose her head from the ground on the broken pieces of glass she been looking at for a while and stared directly in Malik's eyes.What do you mean what kind of a maid look like this? Rim asked Malik. He was settled. No maid has dared to look him in the eyes and give him a question.Not even dare stand near him for a minute.
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I want to try.
It was dark when Rim woke up. Realizing that she didn't have evening work today, she decided to learn more of her cooking by the help of YouTube.Tomorrow is her day to cook she must practice what she has learnt.As the old lady didn't see Rim when she by passed the kitchen, she told one one of the maids Rosalinda to go and call her. Hearing the knock on her room door, Rim logged out of YouTube and opened the door. Grandma want to see you. Rosalinda said un willingly and disappeared from Rim's sight like she was being chased by a ghost.Rim got used to their behaviors so she wasn't affected but only wondered what the old lady could be wanting her for.She put her phone into her suit case, locked it and strolled out of the room. She looked for the old lady and she wasn't in the living room or dinning table Rim went straight to the kitchen.Reaching there, Rim saw the old lady happily chatting with Magdalena. She waited for them to stop and then appr
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His favorite car.
Rim didn't want to take the money. After all she is paid her salary.And thinking that there is no difference from her and other maids, she was really reluctant. But the old lady pretended to be hurt.She had no choice but to take it. Am so happy my child that you did something like that.I knew it that you will make me proud one day. But l didnt expect it to be too soon. The old lady resumed her smile and said to Rim.Hmm training her into someone good won't be that diffucult. The old lady cheered with in. Hmm thank you grandma and don't worry l will do my best to learn everything slowly. Like a child that has been praised of doing something, Rim told with a beaming smile.Hmm okay dear did you finish preparing yourself if not go and do it quickly because the moment Malik comes down, we will be leaving. The old lady informed. Magdalena please go check on others if they are done. By the way did you all finished having breakfast? The old lady continued.No
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I will introduce you
Rim dressed in her clothes she prepared last night. She was looking too good in them. Malik found staring at her more than necessary. So maids dress like this. Hmm slowly by slowly her true aim will be out soon. Can a maid dress like this. Actually Malik loved her way of dressing but he was finding it difficult to accept it.So sorry grandma to make you wait but l couldn't find my hair pins in time so l delaid. Rim apologized. The moment she sat in the car. It's okay dear we didn't wait that long. What's important is that you are here now. The old lady replied. And ordered the driver to start the car.Rim sat in front with the driver, the old lady and Malik behind. If not the ring of his phone, Rim wouldn't have realized that Malik was also inside the car.She didn't see him when she entered.The drive to Sand beach was in silent most of the time, only the old lady and Malik could exchange few words. took them only 45 minutes. It is Sunday making the road free of
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Take my position
Rim this my daughter in law also Malik's mother. Next to her is lsaac Johnson Malik's father also my son. This Tariq Johnson Malik's youngest brother. Same age as you. Next to him is Malik you know him. And Tanasha here also. Plus Kim Malik's best friend..The old lady finished her introduction. Helo Rim Tariq was the first one to great her and others went on. Helo she replied. Come sit next to me here who knows we will become friends. Tariq continued.Seeing Tariq's carefree ways, Rim was again reminded of her brothers. She slowly went and sat down. From now on wards am your elder brother. Okay! Tariq suggested. No am the oldest why do l have to call your big brother. Rim said rolling her eyes to him.How old are you? Tariq asked. Am 19 and you Rim replied. I just turned 20 yesterday. See am the oldest Tariq said proudly. OK fine big brother. Rim called him and Tariq beamed with a smile.Rim am 27 will you date me. Kim on the other hand asked. No uncle.. Rim
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Sealed her mouth with his
Rim got out of Sarah's embrace. She was about to ask her some questions but then she caught a glimpse of Tanasha staring at them as she came nearer. So Rim hesitated.Mother in law here you are! I was looking for you everywhere. Tanasha choroused not sparing Rim an eye like she is invisible.Ahh Tanasha l have been here all along what is it you want to tell me. You can go a head. Sarah replied.When Rim heard that Tanasha wanted to have a word with her mother in law, she said;Mom l will leave the two of you talk. Am going in the water now.Okay dear but be careful. Don't drown yourself okay? Sarah replied to her. Okay l will was Rim's reply before she disappeared out of their sight.She went straight into the bathroom and changed her red bikini to pink one. After she was done, she tired her hair into two big pigtails. She also applied pink lipstick to her lips before she went down near the lake. She started taking selfies.Every thing she c
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Married man
Malik repeated the process two times until Rim's chest begun to rise. She started to breath again. But she was too weak to even lift a finger.Malik then pamped her chest by his strong fingures and Rim released all the water she had drunk.Rim later opened her eyes slowly but then she closed it. She needs hospital now. Malik informed them.Tariq where is my car keys or go get the car ready we will send her to the hospital right away. Sarah said worriedly. Malik will she be okay why has she closed her eyes again? The old lady asked. She was blaming herself to bring them here. Such a little girl to suffer what if she wasn't seen in time. Oh God please heal her soon. She kept on praying in her mind.Don't worry grandma. The first aid l gave her will help for a while until she reaches the hospital. Be rest assured. She is just too weak. Malik explained again.Hmm okay was the reply for the old lady.But she really felt uncomfortable about Rim's situatio
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