Aayan is his name

The Johnson family members came to see Rim and the baby in the hospital. Another new member arrived but they ain't blessed enough for him to go to the their house. What a pity!

But despite that they happy after all it their blood. Even though the father is off track now, they couldn't just abandon the mother and the baby.

Congratulations my dear Mrs Sarah said the moment they entered. Thanks mum. Rim replied with a smile. Grandma how are you doing. She asked the old lady who came and sat on her bed. Am fine my dear. How about you?the old lady responded. Am good too. Just little pain as you delivering a baby is not a play. Rim answered. Yes l cn understand. It's a health baby. 4.5 kgs ahh did he want to take your life.? The old lady joked.

No don't blame him l have been eating alot. Rim said and they laughed.So Rim What name are you giving him. Mr Johnson asked.

Well he is Aayan. Aayan is his name. Rim replied looking at her new born baby with love.. Okay

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