Bring my sweetheart back

Malik went outside but he was in a good state of mind. His head was aching alot and now was seeing stars.

Kim wasted no time in calling the Johnson family and ambulance.Malik was almost going insane his head was almost bursting according to him. It was hurting to much.

Luckily the ambulance came in time and he was rushed to the hospital.

Inside the villa Rashey was crying alot. Wendy Wendy what should l do he caught me in action. What to do now? Call that man for a solution. She didn't care for the people present as she outtered out those words.

What are you saying? What have you done Rashey? Her parents asked. Malik it's Malik he has caught me doing witchcraft on him. He is now gone. I lost him mum. Paa a slap landed on her cheek. Who taught to do such a disgusting thing? What have you become Rashey? Her mum asked.

But instead of crying she laughed. More and more.

Seeing that, Wendy disappeared from there without waiting for more.

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