Butterfly and the CEO

Chapter 8

Zac's point of view.

I'm sat at the bar waiting for Ellie to return, looking at my watch I realise she's been gone for twenty minutes, I can see the ladies toilets, from where I'm sitting, and I haven't taken my eyes off the door, so I know she's still in there. Knowing how drunk she was, I'm starting to feel a little worried as I shout my head waitress over.

"Tess, can you do me a favour and check the ladies for a redhead."

She gives me a crazy look but agreed to check them out. A couple of minutes later, she comes running out with a concerned look on her face as she says.

"She's lay on the floor, Mr Harris; she won't answer me."

Fuck! I run to the toilet, not bothering whose inside. I just need to get to Ellie; opening the door and seeing her there breaks my heart.

Her make up has run down her now blotchy and red face, her eyes empty, lost; she looks at me with her blank stare. I sit on the floor next to her taking her hand in mine as I ask her.

"Ellie, baby, what's happening? Please talk to me. I'm here for you, baby."

Tess whispers in my ear, telling me that she will wait outside to make sure that no one enters.

I pull Ellie into my arms as she begins to cry again, long, painful sobs that take her breath away. I sit and stroke her hair; seeing this beautiful, clever, independent young lady so broken kills me. I whisper to her over and over.

"Sshhh, Ellie, you're okay now baby, I'm here for you sssshhh. It's okay, baby. I promise I'll look after you."

She puts her head on my shoulder with a half-smile as her breathing returns to normal, and she whispers.

"I'm so sorry, Zac. I shouldn't have had so much to drink."

I smile as I whisper to her.

"It's okay, baby, whatever happening, I'm here for you, I promise."

She lays with her head on my shoulder, her breathing much calmer as I carry on stroking her beautiful red hair.

When I look down again, she's fast asleep, with her head still resting on me. I sit on the floor and hold her for a few minutes. She looks so peaceful.

I shout for Tess, who is still outside the door.

"Tess? Are you still there?"

She pops her head around the door as she says.

"Yes, Mr Harris, is she okay?"

I reply with a sigh.

"She will be. Can you get one of my security to bring a car around the back?"

She soon comes back, Telling me my head of security Issac is outside. I gently lift Ellie off the floor, and Tess holds the door open for me, running behind as I head towards the back exit, where Issac is waiting.

Tess then opens the car door as I place Ellie inside.

She looks at Ellie in my arms as she says.

"I hope she's okay; take care of her, Zac."

"I will, I promise. Thanks for tonight, Tess."

I say as I climb in the Car next to Ellie, pulling her into my lap as Issac sets off; we pull up outside the cafe, finding Ellie's keys, I hand them over to Issac so he can open the door while I carry Ellie out, we make our way upstairs before Issac opens the front door and we walk in. I gently place Ellie down on one of the sofas. I frown as her dress rides up, revealing three small scars on her thigh; they look suspiciously like cigarette burns. I pull her dress back down, making sure she's fully covered. As Issac turns to ask me.

"Sir, do you need me for anything? Shall I stay with her?"

I smile; Issac is a good man with a good heart who adores his wife but as much as I trust him, there is no way I'm going to leave her tonight.

"No, it's okay; I'll take care of her; you get off and give my love to Sheila."

I say as Isaac nods his head as he makes his way out of the door closing it quietly behind him. I lie down, pulling Ellie into my arms. The little sigh she makes fills my heart. I must have dozed off as I wake up to the sound of Ellie gagging. fuck she is being sick. I carry her into the bathroom, holding her hair up while I rub her back as I whisper.

"It's okay, baby...."

She throws up again. "Errhhhh....."

When she's finished, I wash her face down, removing my shirt that's now covered in sick; before I carry Ellie back to the sofa propping her up with pillows, checking the time it's now twenty past three, I head in the kitchen looking for something to clean The mess up with.

I'm on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpet when Erin comes through the door.

She looks at me with her eyes wide as she says.

"Ohhh, Mr Harris."


I reply as she looks over at Ellie on the sofa propped up with a bowl next to her, then down at me, scrubbing the floor.

"Oh no, she didn't."

I chuckle as I say.

"Oh, Yeah, she did. It's more than that, though, Erin. She had some sort of break down in the ladies toilet. I've never seen anyone so broken before; she really scared me, Erin."

She looks over at her friend asleep on the sofa as she says.

"I've noticed some things over the past few days; she is hiding something. I need to get her changed. Can you watch her while I grab some clothes?"

"Yeah, sure."

I reply as Erin runs off, coming back with some clean clothes. I head into the kitchen while she gets her changed. Erin calls out to me.

"Oh my God, Zach."

I run back into the room, keeping my eyes off Ellie as I say 


Erin replies.

"It's okay; she's all covered up. You can look now."

I walk into the living room; Erin has pushed Ellies top up just enough to reveal her stomach,

I clench my fist as I look at the perfect S carved into her delicate skin. Erin then shows me the faint scars on her wrists. No wonder she's broken, my poor baby. I feel my temper raging as I stroke her hair and pull her into my arms as I Whisper.

"I promise I'll never let anyone hurt you again, Ellie."

Erin smiles as she watches me before she says. 

"I'll go and get you done clean clothes, Zac."

She comes back with some loose pants and a clean shirt. I stand up to take the clothing from her as she says.

"I'll handle it from here, Zac. If you want to get off, I'll look after her."

"Im staying with her. I'm not leaving her."

I say as Erin nods before coming back with some clean bedding; she helps me get Ellie more comfortable before she leaves the room; I slide in next to her, pulling her into my arms. My mind is racing. I want to kill the fucker who hurt my girl.

I kiss the top of her head…..why would anyone do this…..

My poor Baby….

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