Chapter Forty Seven


After we parted ways, I held on the scarf and feel the warmth it gives around my neck.

It feels good.

"I did it because I want to"

Even though I'm not sure if it was really her answer, I feel happy because there was no other reason behind it.

As I got home, I took a shower and finally went to my bed. I saw the scarf she gave and held it in my hand.

I smiled a little on the thought of what happened earlier.

She sure love to do things in her way.

After a while I folded the scarf neatly and put it in a paperbag. Tomorrow is monday so I'll just give it to her in the class.

I can't believe I'm like this. Arghh!

This is bad yet good.



Argh! Noisy Alarm.

As I woke up, I scratched my head a bit before jumping out of my bed to head straight to the bathroom.

As soon as I get there, I took a shower and got myself cleaned up before heading out.

When I got back, My eyes searched through the whole room until it landed on a familliar thing lying neatly on my table.
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