Chapter 06


When I opened my eyes, Darkness surrounded me completely. My breath hitched finding myself unable to look in the dark. I pushed myself to stand up on my feet and ran in the familiar direction.

“ I am scared, Dad. ” I cried out and banged on the closed door, but no reply came. My heart started to beat faster, fearing the darkness that was engulfing me “ I am sorry, Dad. I swear I won't do it again. Please let me out. ” I banged on the door harder, my breaths becoming labored due to terror.

“ Please let me out Dad. Please, Dad. ” I screamed on top of my lungs, as tears fell down from my eyes.

“ Alice. ” Someone was calling me.

I jolted up, screaming and pushed the person who was sitting beside me away from myself. “ Alice! Alice, its me. Melissa. ” Melissa's worried voice made me snap out of my nightmare and I looked at her feeling, horri
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goodnovel comment avatar
Matilde Caruana
what a mother is she her daughter wants to save her father thats why she sell her self for money
goodnovel comment avatar
Sutha Suthagini
Unfortunate humiliations but Story ist Gut
goodnovel comment avatar
Gacheri Kinyua
it's really sad to get such treatment

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