2 - Chapter 13


Something is not right. My gut are screaming this at me for quite some time.

Doctors came and checked up on Madison. Everything is alright with her and she will be discharged in a week or so.

She fell asleep right after the doctors left and I have been watching her closely from that time.

First of all, she hit herself in the face and then she ended up in the middle of the road, almost killing herself in the way.

She has been repeating somethings lately. Someone broke in, I saw my father, something is not right…Things like that.

I do agree with her on this. Something is not right, but it’s not what Madison thinks. I think she needs help and she needs a psychologist. But, it will be a real headache to convince her to see one.

I breath in and out, my eyes fixed on her swollen eye. I never thought I would ever see Madison like this. She was str

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I need another chapter! I’ve been waiting so long.
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Angel Armin
still no updation
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Angel Armin
please please please update soon

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