Mr. CEO's Mistress

Mr. CEO's Mistress

By:  ~S.Y  Completed
Language: English
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'She was the one, He needed at night.'“ What we have between us, is just business. Your body in exchange of my money. ” He sneered while hovering above me, our lips only inches apart but I knew he wouldn't let me touch him. Slowly, I nodded my head in a painful yet hateful trance, “ Right. My body. Your money. ” ______Damien Knight Castillo,The Cold-Hearted, Powerful, Ruthless, Mysterious and Dangerously Handsome CEO of Castillo Corporation started craving only one thing in his life and that was Alice Anderson's body after she sold herself to him for only one night in a secret Auction. The problem was that, he was already married to his beloved wife, Madison Knight Castillo. But an option of a mistress is always open, right?

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Is the story finished?
2023-08-31 19:48:44
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Brenda De La Mater
Great story. Even had me close to tears at times.
2023-06-01 11:36:54
user avatar
Ravita Rajput
waste story
2023-03-29 06:21:00
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I forgot what the story was about because it was so long before update
2022-11-06 21:37:20
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Breanna Nickerson
please please update
2022-07-08 12:30:37
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When will you update the second book?
2022-06-24 03:53:45
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Janet Baze
2022-06-11 17:08:40
default avatar
What happed to this story? No updates?
2022-03-04 06:30:45
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Aaaliyah Brown
Nice story
2022-02-12 15:53:43
user avatar
cathy knoblauch
Can we have updates please!!!!
2022-01-16 13:55:03
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Mitzie Jubay Tundag
I like the story pls update more
2022-01-04 08:30:21
default avatar
Wheres the update???
2021-12-15 02:16:22
user avatar
Garenagg ROV
update soon please...
2021-12-14 06:56:37
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Updates please
2021-12-08 07:17:10
user avatar
So I have this book in my favorites for a while but right now I’m on chapter 27 and I literally have my jaw open the whole entire chapter like what!!!!!! I’m shook ... but feel bad for Alice...️
2021-12-08 03:06:07
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105 Chapters
Chapter 01
BEFORE YOU READ!   It's a mature themed story so read at your own risk. If you feel uncomfortable then leave peacefully. Thanks for Reading!   ALICE'S POV Tears threatened to fall my eyes, as the doctor's words resonated in my ears again and again. ' You must deposit five million at the reception if you want us to operate your father's brain tumor ' In the past eleven months, I have already deposited almost fifteen million, after selling everything we owned, including our house, our car, all the stuff but it was still not enough. Still not enough to earn my father some more days of life. As I stared at the white wall in front of me, while sitting on one of the hospital waiting area chairs, I tried to think of all ways I could get that money from. All these ways included, every legal and illegal way,
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Chapter 02
ALICE'S POV Getting to the hotel, I met the receptionist who was a young girl named Melissa. We knew each other well, because I have been working at the hotel for almost six months now. “ Hey! You are soaked. You will get sick ” Melissa's worried voice pulled me out of my thoughts and I shook my head, smiling “ It's nothing. Don't worry! ” Moving past her with the fake smile still plastered over my lips, I sighed out and shivered slightly. Melissa was right, I could catch a cold and I did not have any money to treat myself The thought seemed awfully funny to me.With the money still in mind, I changed my clothes into my usual red and white uniform and started cleaning the rooms one by one. My hair dried up on their own, but I felt sticky and gross to even myself. Castillo Hotel was one of many hotels that fell under Castillo chain of hotels. Castillo's were currently the most rich people in the country with a wealth that everyo
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Chapter 03
ALICE'S POV “ What are you doing, Alice? ” I murmured to myself standing in front of the dressing mirror of one of the most expensive suites of Castillo Hotel. Just as I agreed upon doing this shitty thing, Melissa dragged me to the top floor of the hotel, to this suite and many people were already waiting for us. A girl dragged me to the huge Italian style Bathroom and stripped me naked in a spur of moment, that I was unable to understand what they were doing. Then another girl made me take a bath adding God Know's what kind of expensive products in the water of the bath. Then I was dragged to the dressing room completely naked in front of three women in which Melissa was not present, giving me a hint that she was not there anymore. After that, I went through the drying up process and dressed up in a red lingerie. Yes. A lingerie. They refused to give me clothes. In a moment that passed just too fast, those women painted my f
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Chapter 04
ALICE'S POV My first instinct was to run for the door from where I came in, but Alder grabbed my wrist and turned me around abruptly. “ Leave me! I don't want to do this. I can't die. I can't die just yet. ” I whisper yelled hysterically, trying to jerk his hand away from my wrist. But who was I kidding? Alder was whole lot stronger than me. Even if I tried for the rest of my life, I still will not be able to get myself free from his grip. All of a sudden, Alder started dragging me to the right corner of the dark room we were currently in. I wanted to scream, but my voice was struck in my throat. My mind was fixed on only two words ' She died '. Well. I should have asked Alder if they were going to transfer the money to my family if I died. It was all about money to begin with. If they transferred all the money to my family, then it would be okay to die early. I was not sure if my death was going to be an e
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Chapter 05
ALICE'S POV I felt someone's fingers grazing the soft skin of my right ankle and a scream left my lips without my notice. The soft fingers were soon replaced by a warm and soft mouth, that made my heart almost leap out to my throat. I knew what was going to happen. Was I ready for it? No. Did I want it? No.Did I have to do it? That was a big Yes.That was why I shut my eyes closed, when the fingers traveled a little higher to my knee and stopped, before being replaced by the soft lips. I grasped the chains hooked to the Leather handcuffs tightly in my hands until my knuckles turned white. If I thought more about the fear that was killing me slowly, I knew I was going to start crying. The tears pricking my eyes were an evidence of an emotional outburst, that was coming right up. For God's Sake, I did not even know who was doing this to me. And this fact made everything
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Chapter 06
ALICE'S POV When I opened my eyes, Darkness surrounded me completely. My breath hitched finding myself unable to look in the dark. I pushed myself to stand up on my feet and ran in the familiar direction. “ I am scared, Dad. ” I cried out and banged on the closed door, but no reply came. My heart started to beat faster, fearing the darkness that was engulfing me “ I am sorry, Dad. I swear I won't do it again. Please let me out. ” I banged on the door harder, my breaths becoming labored due to terror. “ Please let me out Dad. Please, Dad. ” I screamed on top of my lungs, as tears fell down from my eyes. “ Alice. ” Someone was calling me. I jolted up, screaming and pushed the person who was sitting beside me away from myself. “ Alice! Alice, its me. Melissa. ” Melissa's worried voice made me snap out of my nightmare and I looked at her feeling, horri
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Chapter 07
ALICE'S POV Groaning, my hand went to my neck which was aching. Slowly, my senses started to work. I was laying on something comfortable - too comfortable for my liking. Blinking my eyes open, I hissed and pushed myself to sit up in the bed I was laying on. What happened? I grabbed my head and closed my eyes once more to try to remember where I was and how I got here in the first place. ' You need help ' Alder's voice echoed in my mind and my eyes shot wide open. He - He Kidnapped me? My heart started to beat faster, as I looked around myself feeling scared. I noticed that the lights were off, but the moon shined in from the glass walls of the room, letting the light of the night pour into darkness. When I looked outside, my jaw hanged low. The whole city could be seen from there. My breath hitched, when I realized that I must be in some kind of penthouse at this time. Detaching my e
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Chapter 08
ALICE'S POV Alder dropped me back to the hospital. The whole drive was silent. I did not talk to him. He did not talk to me either as we sat side by side at the backseat of a Rolls Royce. Now as I stood in front of the hospital building staring at the big signboard that read Greenvill Hospital, I did not know what to do. Should I go inside? I knew Mom must be waiting for me. She must be waiting to humiliate me further. She was not that wrong though. Maybe her way of protesting against what I did was wrong but the reason behind her outburst was not wrong at all. Every mother is bound to get angry like this if she finds out that her daughter went around selling her body just for money. It was Just Money for her. But for me...It was life. I needed this money to stay alive or I might really end up jumping off that cliff due to guilt that had been drowning me for years now. Not months but
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Chapter 09
ALICE'S POV My shift ended early today. I heard from my Boss Liam that Madison asked him to let me go early. I was thankful. Too Indebted to her. As I walked on the silent streets in the middle of the night, I raised my head and looked at the moon shining brightly between the stars. It mermerised me as I exhaled heavily forgetting about the world around me. I forgot that I was Alice Anderson. I forgot that I was almost raped just now. But I was bound to remember it after a moment. Memories never leave you. They keep haunting you. Until you die.Looking down at my feet, I thought that it would be better if I never tried to forget. I was chained to the ground, Reaching moon was not possible. I walked and walked until I was standing in front of the hospital once again. It was a place that I hated. And it was the place where I belonged. Sighing, I forced myself to keep walking, ignoring the disgusted
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Chapter 10
ALICE'S POV I stood in front of the hospital building once again. Staring at the signboard, my mind thought about everything the doctor said to me just a while ago. When I ran out of my father's ward, I went to the doctor to consult about his condition. Although he did not talk to me with much respect, but I was still relieved that he explained and informed me about everything. He told me that they can only delay my father's operation by two weeks. If prolonged for more than this time, he might die soon. There was no guarantee about anything so it would be better if I deposited ten million as soon as possible. My head was hurting. My heart was being crushed. I did not know what to do once again. Going through the practical options in my mind one by one, I even thought about selling myself once again. This was shitty. Too horrible but what did I have to offer except my body for that much money. But then I re
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