Chapter 07


Groaning, my hand went to my neck which was aching. Slowly, my senses started to work. I was laying on something comfortable - too comfortable for my liking.

Blinking my eyes open, I hissed and pushed myself to sit up in the bed I was laying on.

What happened? I grabbed my head and closed my eyes once more to try to remember where I was and how I got here in the first place.

' You need help ' Alder's voice echoed in my mind and my eyes shot wide open.

He - He Kidnapped me? My heart started to beat faster, as I looked around myself feeling scared.

I noticed that the lights were off, but the moon shined in from the glass walls of the room, letting the light of the night pour into darkness. When I looked outside, my jaw hanged low. The whole city could be seen from there. My breath hitched, when I realized that I must be in some kind of penthouse at this time.

Detaching my e
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am enjoying reading this ...
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Linlee Alagao
exciting stories...magkikita pa sila mgkatuluyan

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