Chapter 59


My body melted against his when his lips crashed against mine and that asshole decided, it was the best time to pull away.

I opened my eyes and glared at him, feeling my lips tingle with the touch of his lips.

He was using that famous push and pull tactic on me in this moment and even if I felt like grabbing his soft hair somehow to force him to kiss me again, I was too stubborn to admit that.

My evil heart was whispering something to assure me and it was really-really assuring. ' It's lust. Anyone would want to kiss someone like Damien Knight Castillo. '

He leaned in all of a sudden and pecked the tip of my nose, making me glare at him harder. He knew what he was doing, as usual and my heart was becoming weak against his little stupid tricks.

He slowly set me down on my feet and stepped away from me. His shirt was wet from the front now. He glanced down, just as my eyes travelled down.

“ You can co


Hey sweeties! 😘❤ So....Alice finally said what was on everyone's mind and Damien has started to open up to her.😳 What do you think about it ?😁 Do comment. As for an important notice, I can only update 1 chapter today 😭 I didn't get time due to my exams, but I promise to update 2 chapters from tomorrow ❤😘 Hopefully, you all will understand ❤ P.S. Love you all ❤ ANOTHER P.S. Pleaseeeeeee spare some much needed gems and Thanks to all of you readers who have been supporting me unconditionally 😭 I can't thank you enough. Love you ❤😘

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Thank you soooooooo much Beora ❤😘
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Hehe 😈 I feel evil 😂
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Beora Okafor
One of the best books I have read on this app. It's captivating, funny, sexy without being runggy. Great writer

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