Chapter 69


Picking up the call, I placed the phone beside my right ear while my eyes were fixed at the small cabin in the distance.

“ Why are you not in Lincoln Villa? ” His deep voice that resonated through the speaker, made me gulp.

Always so straightforward. No greeting. No hi, hey, hello. Just why I was not where he left me.

“ I have some things to do. ” I replied nonchalantly, noticing the movement in the distance.

The cabin's lights were turned on and then Jonas Lincoln walked out of there to go to the forest. Why was he going there? I frowned, feeling confused.

“ What things? ” His voice sounded in my ear, but I was too busy in keeping an eye on Jonas Lincoln.

“ What things Alice?! ” He repeated the same question with an animalistic growl, making me shudder.

He called me Alice whenever he was serious or angry.

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