Chapter 70


Her voice made me sure that there was something wrong with her. I came to take her with me, to send her somewhere safe. I came to Lincoln Villa but she was not here. I wanted to tell her things - important things.

It was all my fault. I should not have stopped keeping an eye on her, while I was busy dealing with everything after my father's death.

Then there was Madison too.

But in this moment, I only felt scared. For Alice.

“ Trace the phone number's location. ” I had asked Alder right after she hanged up. Calling her would only waste my time, because I knew she was not going to pick up now.

' Find me in time Damien. ' Her words kept echoing in my ears and I was hellbound on finding her in time.

I had to find her in time.

Just as Alder got the address, we both set out to reach there. The drive was awfully long. We were in a forest now.

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