Chapter 72


A month passed. It was like time skipped past us and I was unable to catch it.

Everything was my kind of normal.

After the day I came to Ace's house, he quit his job at the Castillo Corporation. A stupid move. But it turned out, he was offered another good job abroad and he had to leave in a month. He wanted to take me and Mom along with him.

Ofcourse, Ace did not let me leave after that day. He was hellbound on keeping me here - away from Hayes and Damien.

I agreed with him this time. Partially ofcourse.

I met Hayes twice. Somehow, Hayes and me were friendly now, because there was no dispute left between us.

And Damien...

I met him too. Many times actually.

Damien and Me were stuck in some weird kind of situation. There was a silent agreement between us, that stated..

...We were never going to get too close. We stayed at arm's length, just letting the silence do it's work.

Hey sweeties! Don't curse at me.😂 This is not the end yet. Leave your opinions in comments 😘 The last chapters will be updated tomorrow ❤ GEMS PLEAAAAAAASEEEEEEEE. LOVE YOU ALL 😘❤

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goodnovel comment avatar
This is the most amazingly beautiful story I have ever read
goodnovel comment avatar
Jennifer Holt
She needs to tell Damien she's pregnant an Madison not . Plus she shouldn't want her baby grow up like she did
goodnovel comment avatar
Pritha Dasgupta
I guess Madison will let go of Damien herself..

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