Chapter 75


“ Damien. ” I whispered, my voice sounding foreign to me.

After I left him, I never said his name out aloud. It was traumatic. It made me miss him even more.

My eyes welled up my with unshed tears, as I saw him in the dark. I was not even able to see his face but I knew it was him just by his voice and his scent that lingered everywhere around me.

Then, he walked to me. Each step he took was like the death of me. He walked until he was standing right in front of me. The little light coming from the kitchen window lit up his face.

Hesitantly, I dragged my eyes up to meet his gaze but when my eyes landed on those steely grey - dark and enchanting orbs, my heart dropped but landed on a soft cushion.

Instead of going into a breakdown and crying my heart out, I felt total calmness and serenity engulfing me. I did not feel like this for a long-long time.

I could fee
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