Chapter 80



Smooth lace wrapped around my upper body before puffy chiffon draped down from my torso and pooled around me, creating it's very own cushion.

I could definitely tell it was one hell of an expensive gown considering the weight that grounded me as well as restrained me from moving around too much.

I could not look around much to see how I looked except for looking in the mirror in front of me, but the awed expressions of the women standing all around me told me, that I looked promising.

If that shitty man...Shit. I mean Damien refused to get close to me today, I was surely going to murder him with my bare hands.

I still could not believe it. After putting the ring on my finger that day, he treated me like some virus infected patient who could not be touched and who was dying as well.

He did not let me get near him or did not even touc
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Helen Grace Hanopol
Beautiful ...️...️...️
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Thanks dear ❤😘 Do check out the epilogue ❤
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Pritha Dasgupta
waow!! just waow!!! all my remaining gems to u!! I loved it!! it was perfect 🥰💞

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