Chapter 7

After dinner Adam and Jes were supposed to enjoy their first night, but it was just a delusion.  Adam still has work to do.  Very important and cannot be represented or left out.

 David's desire to sleep well was also canceled again, because tonight they have to make a sale and purchase transaction.

 Adam and David got ready with all black clothes, starting from their pants, shirt, coat, tie to their shoes all black.  They are in a secret room filled with various types of weapons.  The room looked creepy, the light was dim and there was nothing but weapons.

 Adam took several pistols, and then he hid them in his coat pocket.  David did the same thing, but he used a black face mask.  The face mask was never missed even though the black world counterpart already knew his face.  David reasoned because he did not want to indulge his good looks.  What makes sense?  Let's just say it's true.

 David is

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