Chapter 73. Meeting at the Chancellor (III)

After 15 minutes, Sofia arrived at her boarding house. Anita, who lived in the same house as Sofina, immediately welcomed her with a warm and friendly hug.

"Sofina, how was it going?"

"Well done, Anita. I can answer police questions calmly.” Sofina said, responding to questions from Anita.

"Thank God. I'm worried about you, " Anita said.

"It’s fine, Anita. I'm good," Sofia said.

"Let's go in first. So that it's easier to talk, " Anita said.


Meanwhile, at the same time, in a different place.

Deno and Hamin still rejoiced with a moment of euphoria. Moreover, hearing the news that Dirman had been elected as chairman of the committee for the selection of the rector of the University of Siupala. Dirman was the son-in-law of professor Mirza, the current rector of Siupala Uni

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