Chapter 7 : Potion Maker

Leveling Manage System

Chapter 7 : Potion Maker

After awake with a cough, Xiao Wan talks to himself. "Who talks about me in the morning? Curt Sect? They even didn't want to think anything that realities on night day." He goes to the bathroom, washing his body that smelly enough. The maids already serve new clothes and some breakfast, a young maid was very grateful to service because her cultivation, become Mortal stage 1, with just a Potion not needed to cultivate, all maids and managers were the same. He ate a few while thinking about Lola in Frozen World, is she eat well, was the monster going crazy other than once a month. "Gathering all Nin Guild members in the meeting hall."  He orders via chat guild, schedule for a new product tomorrow.

Everyone already in the meeting room, small report about yesterday incident, Xiao Wan give ten

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