30 Chapters
Chapter 1 : Prologue-Loading
Leveling Manage SystemChapter 1 : Prologue-LoadingNature engine falls with the acceleration of a meteor, downtrend to Zon village.Tink! System process, target 100% lock, success.State panel release.Talent : 0LeveXiao Wan raise up from bedtime while looking at the panel, this is must be an imagination, sweat like a flood all of the physique, so much information received, comfort to himself, "I can be powerful without cultivation, simply create a potion from few herbs to upgrade my level.""Young Master, bad news! bad news! Your fiance will come tomorrow." While kneeling with panic, because come in before knock. Xiao Wan servant was an orphan, adopted by ex-leader Wan Sect, Xiao father was a former Sect Patriarch. With a thin body, purple eyes, and purple hair, when she grows up, will be very beautiful, although she was very youthful, the curve already fantastic. When mature, she can have many lovers.Compare with his fiance, her attitude wa
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Chapter 2 : Random Planet
Leveling Manage SystemChapter 2 : Random Planet Night comes early, with the wind move slowly, soon the room temperature becomes cold. This is ice, feel froze around Xiao Wan body. Tink! Portal open. Xiao Wan very curious, enter the frozen world. Looking around, the area full of trees, this must be a forest. Jump to the high tree to see at a far distance, what's that, monster? Tink! Kill mutants level 1 to gain Crystal. So my first fight was a mutant, he jump from the tree and runs fast to target. Let's compare my power to mutant level 1, he punch directly, but nothing happens to the monster, but got a slap from the mutant. Strong indeed, System! State panel mutant.Tink! State panel release.Name : MutantLevel : 1  (Class : Z) Strength : 10Vital : 25 
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Chapter 3 : Break Engagement
Leveling Manage System Chapter 3 : Break Engagement The road to Want Sect was well built at Zon village, the gate stands with two guards Mortal stage 1, two elder Mortal stages 3 waits near the gate for the coming event. Few horses running closer to Wan Sect, ten-man Mortal stage 4 and one female Mortal stage 3, with steady, proud, full equipped. Get down from the horse, walking slowly through the gate, the lady uses red cloth, short skirt show white skin, her black hair long shine, charm to all disciple Wan Sect, ten elder the bodyguards follow behind. The Curt Sect was the stronger powerhouse at Zon village, two Mortal stages 5, twenty Mortal stages 4, thirty Mortal stages 3, forty Mortal stages 2, sixty Mortal stages 1. Two elder greet lady from Curt Sect, "welcome to Wan Sect, young miss." Elder Wan Sect honors no longer high like in the past, me
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Chapter 4 : Training
Leveling Manage System Chapter 4 : Training The restaurant was famous in Zon village, the taste, variant food, and drink serve well, so many people walk around from there. Some were to buy food, rest, gossip, and buy a potion. The house near the restaurant use as a training place and for living all slaves that Nina buy. The wind was different this day, fast wind usually came with rain, the monthly weather was hot. Someone stands high at the top roof, with a black veil and black hat. This figure was Xiao Wan, he sees all slave train their skill, unleash Stealthmode for other can know him. The slaves training every day, they work hard to please their mistress. "Who are you? This is a forbidden area." Slave 1 was the most wise and calm to lead another slave, his height was 175 cm, good body, and handsome.  Xiao Wan gets down fr
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Chapter 5 : Curt Sect
Leveling Manage System Chapter 5 : Curt Sect Training hall Nin Guild, Ertan and another member very fast to adapt the skill and their level. "Master." All member Guild kneel down, Nina comes to them, with Berserk mode and Stealth mode, the speed is good, but not as good as her master. "Rise, how about preparation?" "Report mistress, all team ready." The leader Nin Guild was very capable, Ertan change a bit formation  "Good, I'll be your back up, if something isn't right." Nina hand rise up, a sign to start the expedition.  Five kilometers from the restaurant, there was a gate well build, two small lamps from a candle hanging there, illuminated the dark area of the gate. Four Mortal stages 1, guard the gate, some disciple walks around, in and out. Outer or internal Core disciple have some mission outside, buying some pil
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Chapter 6 : Alchemy Guild
Leveling Manage System Chapter 6 : Alchemy Guild The Receiptor Herb Union was the alchemy shop the only one Zon village established, even in the tenth realm their take control over pill distribution, not just the village, the Town, the city, and the Nation. Everyone wants to make connections with the alchemy grandmaster, some lick their foot, some pay numerous gold, some exchange with the body just for a pill. If they don't satisfy consumers, they just don't sell it, make execute that the herb was hard to find. The buyer was a king, the seller was a servant no longer ruler the pill market idiom.Younger cultivator the most people who want join the alchemy Guild, be an apprentice or just some servant to find the herb. This morning, there's an event to choose the new leader of the receptor Herb Union, because the ex-leader was promoted in Zon Town, to becom
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Chapter 7 : Potion Maker
Leveling Manage System Chapter 7 : Potion Maker  After awake with a cough, Xiao Wan talks to himself. "Who talks about me in the morning? Curt Sect? They even didn't want to think anything that realities on night day." He goes to the bathroom, washing his body that smelly enough. The maids already serve new clothes and some breakfast, a young maid was very grateful to service because her cultivation, become Mortal stage 1, with just a Potion not needed to cultivate, all maids and managers were the same. He ate a few while thinking about Lola in Frozen World, is she eat well, was the monster going crazy other than once a month. "Gathering all Nin Guild members in the meeting hall."  He orders via chat guild, schedule for a new product tomorrow. Everyone already in the meeting room, small report about yesterday incident, Xiao Wan give ten
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Chapter 8 : Frozen World
Leveling Manage System Chapter 8 : Frozen World  The weather still cold as usual, the air from night day envelope everywhere, even in the morning with warm sun, all around still freezing. 1 day after Xiao Wan left the Frozen World, Lola and Oldman Gao already recruit few people that not believe a group that took a place like a refuge camp, although their cultivation only Mortal stage 1 and the talent was low, they were good people. Ten of them was the servant of Oldman Gao, the contract has been made by System, they can not betray him. The attraction of rice and meat was a miracle in the destruction era, they submit fast to be a servant or anything just for food, Oldman Gao orders them to build a camp near the red zone, one storehouse (excuse for food and beverage came from), two houses, ten-room and the wall to protect their territory, just ten-meter circle
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Chapter 9 : Battle
Leveling Manage System Chapter 9 : BattleBang!All members of Lao Camp got hit, Oldman Gao sees their State panel, each Health -1 reduce one point only, the enemy reverses their power. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."Maintain a distance." Leader Lao Camp arrange the strategy to fight back, retreat while finding flaw from the enemy, patiently waiting for an ambush, target one person that moves first, even they move together, gambling decision about fifty percent success, if the action doesn't complete, they just retreat, he cleans some blood that out from the mouth. Stare at them to lock one who has a weak minded, think clearly was not possible for blinded people by treasure.It's work, someone from greedy lone Hunter out of their formation. Knowing their side makes some reckless, all of them retreat."Be gentle, fight one by one
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Chapter 10 : Crystal
Leveling Manage System Chapter 10 : Crystal  All greedy lone Hunter group become servant apprentice, punishment for them not by physical, but the food price was twice, guard the outer Lao camp, hunting monster and build a house for outer member Lao Camp. "Report Master." Servant 1 give sale results this day, he put a note paper at the table. After the battlefield event, every lone Hunter group starts back to make the transaction, order some food in the evening. The condition already stable, the place was very safe for them. "Good job." Oldman Gao opens the notepaper, he read and shares it with the young mistress. One thousand Crystal mortal stage 1 was the profits by sale some food and beverage, the loot from the battle was amazing, ten Crystal mortal stages 3, ten Crystal mortal stages 2, one hundred Crystal mortal
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