The Transcendent Zombie System

The Transcendent Zombie System

By:  A Hundred Battles In Green Armor  Completed
Language: English
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After transmigrating into the apocalypse, he acquired a Super Fusion System.Two Level 1 Zombies can be combined into a single Level 2 Zombie, the combined zombie would also be completely loyal.The higher the zombie’s level, the better it looked.The zombies also possessed unique skills and techniques. Some are heaven shattering and groundbreaking, with the ability to take the life of any adversary.In fact, the zombies will even continue to spawn new zombies every day.

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2060 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Zombies are Breaking In
A hundred years ago, the zombie virus broke out, and the end of the world began.70% of the human population turned into zombies, and the human race neared its extinction.As the apocalypse approached, humans also began awakening their genes.The humans and zombies fought, but there were too many zombies. All humans could do was build base cities to protect humans.…“There won’t be any zombies in this hospital, right?”Lucas York gulped. It had been ten days since he had traveled to this parallel universe. In the past ten days, he had been sneaking around stealthily, and he had not been eaten by a zombie yet.In these ten days, Lucas had found out more about the kind of world he had traveled to.The end of the world!He had only seen this in novels and movies.When he first crossed over, he heard about the base city of Annan.Now that he was not far from Annan Base City, he was trying to find a safe place to stay there. Otherwise, he would end up dead if he spent too much
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Chapter 2 Fusing Zombies
There were four zombies here, Lucas York had no idea how an ordinary person like him was supposed to defeat them. But at that moment, he did not have time to think too much, the four male zombies were already upon him.Lucas rolled to the side, dodging one of the zombies that lunged at him.He felt around the ground, his hands touching something hard.Glancing over, he realized that it was an iron rod.Even though he did not know why there would be an iron rod in a hospital room, possessing this iron rod allowed him to fight these zombies for his dear life.Lucas pushed himself off the ground, smashing the rod against one of the zombie’s head.His survival instincts kicked in, and all his body’s capabilities had been activated.At that moment, he only had one thought – to destroy these four zombies.Lucas then turned to the three other zombies and swung his rod at them, making them collapse onto the ground.“Sigh…”Lucas exhaled, he knew that zombies would not die so easily
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Chapter 3 Frantically Searching For Zombies
" Congratulations, host, for becoming an Awakened One."When he heard the system’s words, Lucas York’s expression lit up with joy.There was a huge difference between an Awakened One and an ordinary human being. Once you become an Awakened One, you would become a true fighter.“Below is the host’s properties panel.“Host: Lucas York.“Age: 21.“System: Super Fusion System.“Realm: Level 1 Awakened One.“Skills: None.“Gene: Grade D.”Lucas grinned in satisfaction. Even though he was just a Level 1 Awakened One, now that he had the system, his levels would be upgraded more quickly.Even though he now had a Level 3 zombie, he knew that it was far from enough.A Level 3 zombie was just an ordinary zombie, he needed to fuse more zombies.This city had already been overtaken by zombies, and their numbers may be more than tens of thousands.When he thought of that, Lucas’ expression lit up excitedly.However, he was still unable to face a large wave of zombies. He would first
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Chapter 4 Zombie Treasure Chest
Just as Lucas York had expected, it did not take long before he saw more than a dozen zombies on the third floor of the inpatient department.“Attack!”Lucas commanded his Level 4 male zombie and his Level 2 female zombie.Lucas was a little energetic. In the past ten days, he had been constantly sneaking around. He had experienced countless hardships, and now finally, the tables have turned.Listening to Lucas’ command, the Level 4 male zombie and the Level 2 female zombie rushed toward the sixteen zombies.Soon after that, the Level 4 and Level 2 zombies had successfully defeated the other zombies.Among the zombies that were defeated, there were eight male zombies and eight female zombies.Lucas fused the eight male zombies into a Level 4 male zombie, and the eight female zombies into a Level 4 female zombie.Now there were two Level 4 male zombies, a Level 4 female zombie, and a Level 2 female zombie.The two Level 4 male zombies could be fused into a Level 5 male zombie.
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Chapter 5 The Male Zombie With The Boxing Gloves
Lucas York looked out the window. When he saw that there were no zombies on the streets, he became a bit baffled.When he arrived in this city yesterday, he saw many zombies. Why did they disappear so suddenly?Could it be that something had happened?Lucas pondered about it for a moment, but he could not seem to come up with a reason why.When Lucas traveled to this parallel universe, he had initially wanted to live in Annan Base City.But things were different now, he had the system.Now, there were no zombies in sight. This troubled Lucas.If there were no zombies, how was he supposed to fuse them?Without thinking too much, Lucas walked out onto the road.He wondered if there were no zombies here, could it be that there were never any zombies here?Lucas continued forward, wanting to see if there were any zombies up ahead.Just as he took two steps forward, Lucas heard sounds of movement.He followed the sounds and found himself at a boxing gym.Lucas wondered, ‘Could
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Chapter 6 Madly Fusing On Top Of A Tree
Lucas York had only walked for a short distance before he heard a frantic yelling.“Help! Help!”When Lucas’ eyes found the source of the voice, he saw a few people running towards him.“Are you all Awakened Ones?”Lucas could feel the waves coming from these people’s bodies.Awakened Ones were classified into Levels 1 to 10. Even though they were not strong, they were still fighters.Lucas was slightly confused, why were these Awakened Ones so afraid.Could it be?!Lucas suddenly thought of a shocking possibility, that many zombies were chasing after them.He was right. In just a short while, a horde of zombies had come running after these Awakened Ones.Lucas was stunned, there must have been thousands of zombies. He hurriedly found a place to hide. With the zombies he had, there was no way he would be able to stop this horde.“Hm?”Lucas suddenly thought of something. Since he could not block these zombies, could it be possible for him to stage a guerilla war?When he
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Chapter 7 Fusing Into A Rank 1 Mutant Zombie
Lucas did not run very far before he saw countless zombies gathering ahead of him.A few of the Awakened Ones were probably surrounded by the zombies.The zombies started attacking these Awakened Ones.The few Awakened Ones fervently defended themselves, but the number of zombies was simply overwhelming.Lucas released five zombies from the System Space.Starting from the outer layer of the surrounding ring, the zombies fell one by one. Lucas quickly fused them, his hands reaching an unbelievable speed.Lucas fused all the zombies together. He was a little at a loss. Why were all these zombies Level 1 Zombies?What baffled Lucas even further was that they were all male zombies. This was very strange. The earlier wave had female zombies.Two Level 1 Zombies were fused into a Level 2 Zombie.Four Level 1 Zombies were fused into a Level 3 Zombie.Eight Level 1 Zombies were fused into a Level 4 Zombie.…1024 Level 1 Zombies could be fused into…Counting up to here, Lucas’s ey
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Chapter 8 Two High-level Female Zombies
However, Lucas still chose to chase them. Only then could he fuse those two high-level zombies.Having gone into the alley, there was no trace of the girl or the two high-level zombies.The girl was a high-level Awakened One, so her running speed was definitely very fast.Lucas followed them into the alley. He did not know how long he chased them before he finally saw the girl and the two high-level female zombies.This was actually a dead end. The girl was out of breath, her back to the wall. She looked like she had no strength left.Although the girl was a high-level Awakened One, she would still get tired too. She had to have been running for a long time to be in this state.The two high-level female zombies then lunged at the girl!The girl seemed to know she was going to die and closed her eyes.“Go!”Lucas ordered Biggy.Boom!Biggy flailed his two fists and punched the two high-level female zombies into the air.The two high-level female zombies were stuck into the w
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Chapter 9 I’m Not Afraid Of Zombies
Lucas was a little suspicious. He thought Mia was probably a martial artist from Annan Base City. Why would she appear here? Those Awakened Ones too.“In response to your question, we came to Copper City for training.”After saying this, Mia lowered her head.“Training?”Lucas understood now. No wonder there were no zombies on the street when he was at the hospital. They had probably been lured away by these sheltered children.“How many of you have come for training?” Lucas asked again.“A total of over twenty people. We never thought there would be so many zombies in East District. Five of us ran out. I don’t know how they’re doing.”There were still some remnants of fear on Mia’s face, as if she could not believe that everything she had experienced was real.“They’re all dead. There’s not a single bone or scrap left of them.”“Huh?”Mia’s eyes widened, and her blanched face became frighteningly white.Those people who died were her classmates. They had snuck out to come t
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Chapter 10 Mia’s Shock
Mia led Lucas along, feeling a little uneasy at heart.“Sir, why is it that no matter how I look at you, you only seem to be a Level 3 Awakened One?”Mia looked carefully at Lucas. Although she was a Level 7 Awakened One, she somehow felt there was some unfathomable depth to Lucas.Such as that Rank 1 Zombie. She did not know where that Rank 1 Zombie went, but when she thought of that Rank 1 Zombie, she could not help feeling some delayed fear.That Rank 1 Zombie had been like an iron tower, pressing her to the point that she was nearly breathless.“That’s right. I’m only a Level 3 Awakened One.” Lucas nodded.“Then why would you insist on going to East District?” Mia stared at Lucas, stunned.Lucas did not answer. He wanted to keep the suspense and did not want to reveal it now.Seeing that Lucas did not answer, Mia could only sigh inwardly. It had not been easy to escape East District. If she went back again, it would be hard to guard her life.“Sir, East District is right a
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