Chapter 8

Anthony POV

Francis' lunchtime ended 15 minutes ago, and she's not here yet, I'm getting annoyed with this girl, but I can't bring my self to fire her or even stay angry at her, I'm glad she caught Higgins and I this morning, she kept stealing glances at my dick, only if she knew that seeing her made me more excited and it got me a little harder. Thoughts of fucking Megan flooded my mind, I want to strip her naked, pin her against the wall and rearrange her insides, And then I thought Francis was indeed a lovely girl, her dark hair with brown streaks, compliments her grey eyes, cocoa skin tone, naturally pink full lips, she was simpler than others, and that I must say is unique Beep! Beep! My cellphone interrupted the daydream I'm having, but seeing the callers ID made me immediately push the thoughts about Megan to the back of my head,

“Yes what is it, I told not to call this number until you've found...” cutting me off,

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