Chapter 30

Megan POV

My hand scanned the bed to find a beside me, I open my eyes slowly searching for any signs of Anthony, but what I saw was only a tray on the bedside table with heart-shaped fried eggs, pancakes, coffee, a bowl of sliced strawberries, and a note tucked away to the side, I reached for the note and read it,

My love,

I didn't want to wake you so I made you breakfast, I hope you enjoy it, however, I had to leave for work, you not being at the office makes things more difficult, I need temporary my P.A, love you. Call me...we need to talk.

I smiled at his efforts to make me happy, he was trying his best to be the best fiancée and I appreciate that. The breakfast was cold but the coffee was a bit warm still, it wasn't bad, I freshened up and search my apartment for Natalie, today was the day she was supposed to go back home, and I wanted to enjoy a few hours with her,


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