Betrayal for love

Betrayal for love

By:  Soul searcher  Completed
Language: English
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After discovering that her best friend Megan Francis her fiancèè, Anthony Rhones, at their engagement party, Stevie Carter called it off, never looked back, and disappeared into thin air. Anthony, being the arrogant, cocky, and evil CEO of a company, finds himself swept up in Megan's charm when she begins working for him out of desperation. But their courtship was filled with lies, betrayal, and secrets, for Anthony has a dark past.

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Terrible overall the summary doesn’t really seem correct. The story feels incomplete and just overall poor.
2022-08-28 04:39:31
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Dominique T Bast
will that was disappointing plot description i was think megan was the bad person but plot would have been nice the ending was huge disappointment
2022-08-09 06:58:56
36 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Megan POV   Finally, a successful interview, stepping out of the cab looking at the main entrance at G.L.O.S.H, I sighed. I've been searching 1 year now for a job, after moving from my hometown to the city of Florida, I need to help my parents back home; mom is in debt because of dad's capability of not staying out of jail, but never did I want to work here, I don't want to work at the place my ex-best friend fiancée owns, ever since last Christmas, she hasn't spoken to me and last I heard, she did call off the engagement, but it isn't my fault he kissed me, right?   Flashback   “Girl he fucking proposed!” Stevie yelled in my face flashing her diamond ring, causing nearby shoppers to turn heads,    “OMG! Stevie this is great, I can't fucking believe it! I'm going to be a bridesmaid.” We were there yelling screaming with excitement,    “Girl and guess what
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Chapter 2
Megan POV       Climbing the steps of G.L.O.S.H, I kept thinking about Stevie, I haven't seen her since that night. I attempt so many times to call her, but I felt the guilt tighten my chest, she didn't even let me explain, what happened that night, I didn't know it was Anthony, but I guess the damage was already done. My heels clicked against the floors of G.L.O.S.H, My first day and I already felt like trash, held my head down as I entered the elevator, a walk of shame maybe?   “Hey! Hey! Can u hold that for me,” I proceeded like I didn't hear anyways, but the person got in just in time,   “Top floor right?” I only shook my head indicating a yes, lost in my thoughts, the tone of the elevator brought me back to reality, the gentleman stepped out and went on his way.   As I approached the desk where a brunette stood behind, the sound of my heels caught her attention,
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Chapter 3
Anthony POV I chuckled low as Megan stormed out angrily but still didn't have the guts to even slam the door, I sat in my leather chair mesmerizing about Francis, I leaned back, lost deep in my thoughts, yum... the way her ass jiggles slightly in her knee-length skirt, the sight of her tiny breasts perking up, calling for me, I can't forget that night I kissed her, to be honest with my self I wasn't even drunk, I had like one glass of champagne, but something about her, her warm-toned skin, the way she drank that champagne, with her thick, plumed lips, I've never seen a dark skin girl with such piercing grey eyes, contacts maybe? But something about her that night, the way she crossed her legs and the slit from the dress, went as far up to her thighs, something was pulling me towards this girl. And let's be clear, I am not a jerk or a bad boyfriend, but I knew Stevie was after my money and the saddest part of it, I loved her, I
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Chapter 4
Megan POV After the meeting, I quickly dashed out of the boardroom, OMG I can't believe Rhone. He is such a disgusting pig, who obviously wasn't raised right, his parents did a poor job, or maybe he did bad on his own? It was finally noon, I was supposed to be at lunch, saddened by the thoughts of lunch I miss having lunch with my best friend, I had no friends, and am new here, pulled out my cellphone scrolled through I came across Stevie's number, I gathered the strength and finally deleted it, clutching my phone towards my chest, I hope she finds peace, I hope she forgives me one day, lost in my thoughts, I collided with someone, papers flying everywhere, I sprint as fast as I could back on my legs, helping who's to ever I bumped into gathering their documents, “Um— I'm so sorry, I can be clumsy sometimes,” I apologized, but she said nothing, we both stood up, and I held my hand out hoping for a handshake, I was desperate for a new friend,
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Chapter 5
Anthony POVI was so embarrassed, I had to dismiss Megan early, I don't know what drove me to kiss that girl again, it's not like I am attracted to her, she's nice yes, but I am way out of her league, but that kiss attempt to ignite a flame in me earlier, I must admit our second kiss contained the same flame as the first, but how hot can you burn Francis, I was curious. Looking at my cell noticing it was getting late, poured myself some whiskey, one drink won't hurt right. I managed to- well Francis accomplished what I've been trying to do for the past year, I felt like celebrating,But where?With whom? I am not going to the house alone tonight, I thought of how much I hate my life, I really missed my parents, though I can hardly remember them, that day is merely clear to me, all I remember was screaming and crying, since the accident I vowed to never drive, the trauma cau
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Chapter 6
Megan POV "Ugh!" I groaned, I hate mornings, only part of unemployment I enjoyed was I could sleep all day, sleep all night, if I want to, rolling out of bed I groaned holding my hand on my forehead, ugh these damn headaches, I stood up trying to stretch the drowsiness away, looking at my self my full body mirror and my love angles caught my eyes, I wasn't fat, but I was far from fit,“Oh Stevie, I remember days we would just jog together, with you always leading”, thinking about it, she was always in the lead, sports, guys, popularity, wealth, and then there was me, always dragging behind, and the opposite. Lost again in my thoughts, I groaned as I remember its Tuesday, I phoned my mom every Tuesday, just to check on things.“Hey mom, how are you? Is dad ok”“Hey sweetie, actually he's doing great, one week and no run-ins with the cops, room for improvement but its bearable, as for me, I'm ok, was about to
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Chapter 7
 Megan POV   I fell dead in my tracks I couldn't fucking move, my cellphone continuously rang and Higgins sprung from Anthony's lap and was yelling at me, "Bitch don't you ever freaking knock?" running for cover, using her hands attempting to hide her nakedness, my eyes fixed on the floors not wanting to meet Rhone's gaze. "Well good morning Francis, and why are you so early today, work for you starts at 9:30 AM," Rhone sat there crossing legs, chest held high as if he was sitting on the throne, and was he smiling? Wasn't he embarrassed? He just sat there cheerfully unbothered, This man truly a son of bit— "Didn't you hear me, Francis? Why are you at work so early?" "Um— I— I... The information sheet I was given says 8:00 PM sir, and I also came in 8 yesterday, so I thoug..." "Well
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Chapter 8
Anthony POVFrancis' lunchtime ended 15 minutes ago, and she's not here yet, I'm getting annoyed with this girl, but I can't bring my self to fire her or even stay angry at her, I'm glad she caught Higgins and I this morning, she kept stealing glances at my dick, only if she knew that seeing her made me more excited and it got me a little harder. Thoughts of fucking Megan flooded my mind, I want to strip her naked, pin her against the wall and rearrange her insides, And then I thought Francis was indeed a lovely girl, her dark hair with brown streaks, compliments her grey eyes, cocoa skin tone, naturally pink full lips, she was simpler than others, and that I must say is unique Beep! Beep! My cellphone interrupted the daydream I'm having, but seeing the callers ID made me immediately push the thoughts about Megan to the back of my head,“Yes what is it, I told not to call this number until you've found...” cutting me off,
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Chapter 9
Anthony POVI laid there on my back unable to sleep, I twisted and squirm in bed while Megan slept peacefully with her back turned to me. I must have dozed off earlier because she fell asleep in her work attire and now she's only in her bra. She covered herself up to her waist but I could still see her thong which appears to be light blue through the sheets, fuck! That's my favorite color. I am turned on by just watching her sleep, No I can't take this anymore, this woman was driving me insane without even trying, and that's the sexiest thing about she has me weak in an area many have tried to conquer. It's simply by the way she laughs, walks, even when she's upset, she was admirable, but it aches my heart when I think about Stevie, why can't I have them both? I think I need a drink, a strong one.I got up, and poured myself some whiskey, and chugged it all down, I sat in the corner of the room, just staring at her, Oh God, her skin look
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Chapter 10
Megan POVGrumpily Rhone took his cellphone from me, and scan through it carefully,"Bloody WhatsApp calls, it's not even important," he mumbled"Oh- I'm sorry that I woke you... sir, I- thought It was important and...""Firstly... stop calling me sir, call me Anthony- for the rest of the trip, secondly you did the right thing, think about it this way Francis, It could have also been important," he smirked, gazing into my eyes.Tucking away my hair behind my ear, he stared at me, lost in his world of lust, Rhone was acting bizarre, he treated me different, almost in a way as if he cared. I know men are good at acting, but the way his eyes dances with passion, softens with fantasies when we lock eyes, is it possible for a man to portray such phony feelings."Ok-" I cleared my throat, "Anthony- but you too must stop calling me Francis, call me Megan... for the rest of the trip of course,"
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