Chapter 31

Anthony POV

After explaining over and over to Megan what happened in the bathroom that night, she searched my story for loopholes that didn't exist, Natalie kept sending me random messages from various numbers, and even though I blocked and ignored her, she will only message me via another phone, I had to beg Megan to not go by Natalie's house to whoop her ass, everyone knew who we were, and no doubts that we would make every possible gossip site there is, and I honestly couldn't deal with another Best friend Scandal

"Meg, come on are you seriously going to ignore me? Your parents are on their way and this is how we will greet them," ever since last night, she hasn’t spoken to me, or even looked at me, she went as far as to sleep in another bedroom.

I took the day off work to help her prepare her parent's favorite meal, clean the house, and welcome them, I could have hired someone to do all of that bu

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