Chapter Ten

Rosalyn's pov 

"Rosalyn will you become the luna of this pack?" 

When Mrs black asked me that question I just stood there not knowing whether to hyperventilate from shock or to laugh and ask her if she's crazy, I decided on neither and just stood there staring, needless to say I wasn't the only one. Ke'shaun was looking at her as if she grew three heads. After I recovered from my shocked state I turned to see Mrs black looking at me expectantly so I decided to speak my mind. 

"Mrs black" 

"oh please dear call me judith" 

"Ok Judith listen if you had asked me that question 17 years ago I probably would have jumped for joy and accepted your request but I won't become Luna of this pack firstly, because I'm no longer a member of this pack and I don't plan on rejoining any time soon I'm just here for my family nothing else, and secondly, your son rejected me all those years ago and I always

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Comments (2)
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Jo Barnes
Good book so far but what an ass Keshaun is saying he wants her back then in the next breath saying someone else is the launa
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
wow, how quickly keshaun changed his mind about trying to win her back. I wouldn't want to be with the brother either since it still ties her to the family. sorry Michael but they are better off leaving to go back to italy

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