The Alpha's Rejected Heir

The Alpha's Rejected Heir

By:  Icon_Brat101  Completed
Language: English
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Rosalyn Parker has been verbally abused by her mother for years and ignored by her father. Her brother was the only person who treated her with kindness. But, on the night of her 18th birthday when she got rejected by her mate ke'shaun Black the soon to be alpha of the howling moon pack, after he mated with her. That was the last push she needed to leave, but she would soon find out that she was pregnant with the alpha's heir....17 years after leaving her pack and family behind Rosalyn has made a life for herself and her son in Italy after joining pacchetto della luna del sangue (blood Moon pack). She had kept in contact with her brother seeing as he was the only person she considered family...Now she is faced with the horror of going back to the place that broke her after been invited to her brother's wedding.Read to find out what happens when the alpha meets his rejected heir.

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LOVED it, enjoyed the love bond between Roselyn and son. Is there going to be another book????
2024-01-31 15:24:17
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Dawn Cochran
I don't know if the story is good or not!! I don't care, I've gotten to chapter 8 and can't go any farther!! With the never-ending sentences and just bad grammatical errors, I can't continue to read it!! And, goodnovel should have better standards than this!!
2024-01-27 01:59:07
default avatar
Omg soooo good
2023-12-22 10:08:36
default avatar
Ruby Vazquez
I believe the sequel is “Human”
2023-12-02 23:21:37
default avatar
Has the author changed her name or no longer on this platform?
2023-05-01 12:22:40
default avatar
What is the name of the sequel??
2023-05-01 11:53:21
default avatar
I love it…. When is part 2 coming out?? Is there a pt2
2023-04-29 10:18:22
default avatar
Lisa Chartier-Sharp
I enjoyed the book! Will there be a second book continuing on with the story?
2023-04-02 11:25:58
user avatar
This story is amazing will we ever see a sequel Author please!!! ♡♡
2023-03-13 08:56:19
user avatar
very good book when will book 2 be released
2023-03-09 23:20:42
user avatar
Kishe Carter
love it! very good job!
2022-12-14 01:18:09
default avatar
Book 1 and book 2 are on Shero App
2022-11-13 10:20:08
user avatar
William Parker
really love it
2022-10-23 05:22:18
user avatar
I looove this book so much that I read it half the day and just could not get over it ...... hands down author ...
2022-09-09 23:53:38
default avatar
Such a great book.
2022-08-20 10:33:28
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32 Chapters
Chapter One
Rosalyn pov "Rosalyn you worthless pathetic excuse of a child I can't believe you came from my womb why can't you do anything right? I told you better make sure dinner is ready by time I take my bath and get back down the stairs"......*end of flashback* Let me introduce myself my name is Rosalyn Parker I'm a were wolf and the mother of a beautiful amazing 17 year old boy. My life was never the best......who am I kidding it was horrible, my mother abused me verbally and my brother and father acted like I didn't exist. I always wondered why my mother hated me ever since the day I was born she always treated me like an outsider to the point where I thought I was adopted and she was tired of taking care of someone else's child. That would explain why she treated me that way but my theory was tested and proven wrong and I was left wondering. However I decided to never ever let my son feel the way my mom made me feel when I was younger. 
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Chapter Two
Rosalyn pov I started panicking internally as soon as he uttered those words I knew where he was I with this but I can't go back there I can't face the place that destroyed me plus I haven't told him about ke'shaun being my mate he just knows that I was rejected and the reason I left was because I couldn't handle the pain.  "Sis you there?"  I heard Michaels voice bringing me back to reality.  "Yeah am still here" i replied  "look I know it's sudden and I totally understand if you say no but I was really hoping that you would come to my wedding, it's not until next month but as you know Genevieve's mom passed away when she was young and she was hoping you could help her plan the wedding plus it would give me a chance to meet my nephew in person" I sighed in defeat when he played the "Genevieve's mom is dead" card he knew Genevieve and I ha
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Chapter Three
Rosalyn POV"MOM I SAID NO!!!!"I could feel the entire house shaking beneath my feet from the power of the alpha tone in Alessandro's voice"young man don't you dare raise your voice at me!!"His facial expression changed from anger to regret within seconds "I'm sorry mom I didn't mean to shout at you but you know what those people did to you I can't allow you to go back there and if you go I'll have to come with you and I don't think I'll be able to control my anger around them" he said "I know dear but I'll be fine and it's not gonna be that long we'll just be there for a month besides I haven't seen my brother in 17 years I can't not go to his wedding plus you need to meet your uncle you guys only communicate over the phone, it's not like we're going to live ok, besides I'll have Mi bambino ( my baby) by my side every step of the way I'l
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Chapter Four
Rosalyn povSunday went by quickly and uneventful, Alessandro and i had finished our packing by midday, we also visited our friends at the pack house to say our goodbyes. We are currently at the airport waiting on our flight which had been delayed by an hour, as I sat in the airport my mind took me back to a time when I was younger. Flashback "Micheal dear lunch is ready come inside and eat" my mother called "coming mom" Michael answered I sat on the grass waiting for her to call me, I stayed there waiting but she never called I got up and went inside to find her and Michael eating "mom where is my food?"She turned and stared at me with the meanest glare I have ever seen then she got up and smacked me across the face and yelled "stupid brats don't get an ounce of food in my house go
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Chapter Five
Rosalyn povMy ex-mate walked in only seconds after his scent invaded my nostrils, the moment I saw him a wave of nostalgia and longing took over I wanted to run to him hugged him and tell him how much I missed him but the feeling went as fast as it came. Suddenly a blonde came and attached herself to his arm kissing his cheek, this made my wolf growl in my head I on the other hand just looked the other way. As if he could sense my uneasiness Alessandro stood in front of me in a defensive stance at that moment my mates head snapped in our direction he looked at Alessandro then his gaze fell on me he stared at me for a bit as if trying to figure out where he's seen me before, as soon as realization hit he opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by my brother and Genevieve's entrance. "Omg! Rose I can't believe your here" Genevieve screamed as she ran over pulling me into a hug "
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Chapter Six
Alessandro povI sat in the living room after putting my mom on her bed in our room, uncle micheal and the man I had come to know as Jermaine black my so called father's brother which would make him my uncle sat there talking, from there conversation I heard that I still had grandparents and an aunt who will be visiting the day after tomorrow. I soon tuned them out though because my mind was still on my mom I know your probably wondering what 17 year old worries about his mom that much but I can't help but worry aside from the blood moon pack it has always been just me and my mom against the world and I know she had a horrible childhood so I make it my daily duty to make her smile and feel loved and appreciated. Sometimes though she's just too stubborn I can't believe she went into the woods alone and now she's hurt I know my mom is like super badass I still can't believe she killed two rogues without even shifting but,
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Chapter Seven
Ke'shaun pov I laid in my bed as the events of yesterday played over in my head. Rosalyn is back she's also as beautiful as I remember. Also, I can't believe I have a son I knew he was mine the moment I laid eyes on him, i would feel proud except for the fact that he hates me and it's obvious he doesn't want anything to do with this pack either I can't blame him though I did reject his mother and I know I had hurt her all those years ago as well as yesterday I didn't mean to I was just so angry she kept my son from me and I lost control to my wolf. I sighed as I thought about the stuff he said to me he's brave I'll give him that no one threatens an alpha in front of his pack and those stuff he said about taking down other packs before i will remember to look into that later. I rubbed my neck while deep in thought my wounds healed instantly seeing as I'm an alpha and he wasn't applying that much pressure just enough
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Chapter Eight
Micheal's pov As I walked up the stairs to the alpha's office I saw Rosalyn and Alessandro leaving, I am surprised to see them leaving his office I hope no one is bleeding again. Rosalyn smiled when she saw me and pulled me into a hug, when I pulled away I heard her say "Micheal I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Ke'shaun being my mate and Alessandro's father I didn't want you to have any ill will against him as you are the beta of this pack and I knew you would be mad at him""I understand" I replied"Honestly I just wish you would have told me but that is in the past now I'm just glad you guys are ok also, Rosalyn Mr and Mrs black are coming back today I don't know how that will unfold I just thought you should you know"I looked at Alessandro's face to try and get a read off him but it was blank Rosalyn however had countless emotions on her face and I was slowly regretting asking her t
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Chapter Nine
Rosalyn's pov After Alessandro and I left Ke'shaun's office we ventured to the second floor where Michael told us my father would be, I haven't seen my father in years we've talked over the phone and our relationship is pretty good however I can't help but wonder if deep down he's disappointed in me, after all I did get pregnant at 18 and as bad as the whole situation was with my family and being rejected looking back I should have at least visited once or twice it's not like I had to stay at the pack house my dad still owned our house he just moved to the pack house because it was easier. Micheal couldn't visit us because of his beta duties and dad only came once but that was when Alessandro was a baby. I stopped in front of a room with a double door and knocked twice before I heard a gruff "come in," I walked into the room with Alessandro close behind me. my dad was in his bed looking pale and sickly,
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Chapter Ten
Rosalyn's pov "Rosalyn will you become the luna of this pack?" When Mrs black asked me that question I just stood there not knowing whether to hyperventilate from shock or to laugh and ask her if she's crazy, I decided on neither and just stood there staring, needless to say I wasn't the only one. Ke'shaun was looking at her as if she grew three heads. After I recovered from my shocked state I turned to see Mrs black looking at me expectantly so I decided to speak my mind. "Mrs black" "oh please dear call me judith" "Ok Judith listen if you had asked me that question 17 years ago I probably would have jumped for joy and accepted your request but I won't become Luna of this pack firstly, because I'm no longer a member of this pack and I don't plan on rejoining any time soon I'm just here for my family nothing else, and secondly, your son rejected me all those years ago and I always
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