Chapter Twenty Eight

Third person POV

AJ drove the stolen ambulance with trembling hands and a racing heart towards the edge of howling moon territory. 

To say he wanted to be anywhere but where he was at the moment would be putting it very lightly. He, like everyone else has heard the stories of how ruthless and unforgiving the alpha of that pack is so it baffled him as to why Alessandro would want to go there of all places despite the numerous warnings he gave him.

Aj, Brandon and sage knew little about Alessandro's past, mainly that he was born in Italy and his mom died six months ago at the hands of the man they currently had in the back of the ambulance. However despite their lack of knowledge on his life they trusted him because that one boy had saved and protected them more times in the past six months than anyone has in their entire lives. Besides it wasn't as if he knew all their secrets, so it didn't bother them because they knew no matte

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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
im sobbing.. Al and Rose.. my FAV 2nd book of time..
goodnovel comment avatar
QD&M Holguín
LMAO! OK...that by far was the most ridiculous drug out chapter thus far. The only chapters worse than this one, were the song lyric chapters.
goodnovel comment avatar
Janet Ferguson
This is such a trilling story. Very sad for what Al and his mom is experiencing ...️...️

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