Chapter Twenty Six

Jermaine POV

I'm currently sitting in Rosalyn's room watching her sleep, this is the only time I can actually be near her without her freaking out or flinching at every move I make. I can't believe this is what our lives had turned out to be, who would have ever thought rose and I would be together who would have taught we'd get kidnapped and tortured by our parents. These past months have been the longest bittersweet months of my entire existence. Bitter because of the whole being kidnapped and tortured thing but sweet because I finally got the girl of my dreams and I'd be damned if I let her go. 

Almost dying by the hands of Nora and watching Rosalyn get tortured was awful but what has me dying inside everyday is the fact that she was raped right infront of me. I know I managed to stop it before it went further than it did but the damage had already been done and no matter how much I wish I could I can't reverse it.

Ever sinc

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putty party is over girl, show them you're strong and start looking for your son.
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No progress in the story again with the repetition of same story under different POVs. This is BS.

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