Chapter 7

The next morning was exhausting, the exam really drained me more than I thought it would, although it’s possible that this looming conversation with Ryan was the culprit. 

When I turned the corner to the field Ryan was already sitting on the bleachers, running his hand through his blonde hair, which he never did. He was looking at the ground, and I felt guilty for a second for how rough he looked. 

“Hey,” I squeaked out as I climbed up to him. 

“You came!” He jumped up and pulled me into him. 

“I said I would,” I pushed him back a bit and sat down, “what did you want to talk about?”

“You know I’m sorry,” he started, “but I just don’t understand babe, like why you won’t have sex with me anymore, why yo

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Michelle Whitaker
some friends they are the stupid assholes they don't even want 2 hear her side of the story

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