Chapter twelve

I walked in and saw Tori peeking at the window, she immediately veers the second her eyes fall on me, "hmm!!! Young lady, ain't you supposed to be sleeping?" I donned a stitch fix at her.

Tori retained her eyes to me and said, "yes but I was only waiting for your return" she says feeling enthusiastic to hear me speak.

"Really!!! Why? You do know, it's light's our after ten "  I walked up to my room as she rushed in maintaining the curious look on her face.

"Yes sir, but tell me!!! What happened at the party, and don't you even think of kicking me out not without telling spilling the beans". 

Tori pulls me and sits me down on the bed, waiting to see my reaction.

(After a few minutes of silence I finally spoke out to her hearing).

(Inaudible conversation)

"You see, that all that happened" I muttered after telling the entire truth to her, Tori ponders in thought trying to comprehend my words.

"What are you even thinking?" I asked, as she repays her attention over to me and said, "I do know what exactly Alvin's stepdad wants to do but isn't there a way to double-cross him, so his plans would fail?".

Tori had a very good suggestion, yet I still couldn't find anything to think of, how on earth will I double-cross Mr. Ajay without him getting suspicious of me, (I stared blankly at the wall).

We had this serious look on, then mom walks in and saw us in such a manner, "what's going on? I saw that your light was on, so I figured you have returned home, what happened at the party?". Mom flooded me with a load of questions Tori was more than happy to reply to her, she dragged mom, sat next to me, and demonstrated everything that was explained to her not a few minutes ago.

(Later on)

"Hmm!! I see, so what's with the serious faces, I walked in and saw?". Mom says to us.

Tori grunts and answered back, "mom, we are trying to look for a way to save Alvin's and my sister's life from being a mess, we need to find a way to get Mr. Ajay exposed to the whole fisher family, no matter what?". 

"Is that why y'all were acting as if the whole world fell on your heads?" (She waits before continuing her statement), "that's shouldn't be an issue, it's simple". 

Her words got my attention, I said, "simple? So tell me, my super mom, what shall we do?". 

(Inaudible conversation)

Mom nailed every word she made use of, the tactics and mind games I needed to use to be at least two steps further from Mr. Ajay, at least it's worth a trial.

"Thanks, mom" I appreciated her for a lovely plan, indeed two heads are so much better than one, (smiles)

Mom walks away after giving me a charming smile, Tori left a few seconds she did.


The calm serenity reversed my disturbed soul and turned it into a peaceful one, I still laid down on my bed truly appreciating the peace of mind I had, but unfortunately, every feeling I had vanished the moment, the doors to my room was barged open, donning a startled look on my countenance.

"Good morning Liza"

Alvin walks in wearing a tight skintight and its matching top with a pair of running shoes.

"What and why are you here?" (Angry tone)

"What do you mean why am I here, did you forget that today is my family's fun!'. He sits maintaining his gaze at me.

"Funfair? How and when did you tell me such and besides, you don't have a funfair, wearing that".  

(He veers his eyes downwards and took notice of what I meant). 

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