Seventy seven

I stormed out of the room and went straight to her, Tori" the tension in my voice got her mystified, "yes sis?" She says donning a startled look.

"Tell me the truth!!! What are you hiding?" (Fills up the space between us)

"What are you saying!! Am not hiding anything?". She says and withdrew her steps away from me.

"You tell me, sister, I heard that you're getting married in a month," ( frowns)

"Yes, I am, you did know about" she added and watched me recon back to the past, "did you tell me?". 

"Yes, you must have forgotten?" She falls her back on the wall and falls her eyes away.

Tori's attitude got me thinking, what is she hiding from me, and why won't she tell me?". ( My that's heading )

"Okay then!! Goodnight sister" ( my feet veered out of the room).

The next morning), I walked out of bed while everyone was

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