HEART'S FIRE ( The CEO's contract marriage)

HEART'S FIRE ( The CEO's contract marriage)

By:  Sonita  Completed
Language: English
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Marriage is for better or worst!!! But what happens when Lisa's contracted marriage to CEO Alvin Fisher, end up being a blood bath, she must stand by him and fight against his wicked stepfather!!! Who gunned after his life.

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I don't know..not so much fun when i reas it..and obviously i can't finished all the chapters..the ending also..hanging just like that.. I'm sorry author
2022-12-29 13:59:53
82 Chapters
Hearts 🔥 (1) 3night beforeThe night is still young, says the alcoholic beverage in my hand as I danced my night away only to awaken and behold myself in a hotel, naked and sleeping beside me was a man, out of fear and disbelief I tiptoed my way out of the room and the moment I closed the door from behind, I ran out of the hotel like a lunatic, thankfully I won't be seeing him anymore, or so I thought?". Present-day.....God as a way of making us pay for our sins, one way or the other, I thought I won't be seeing the man at the hotel three nights ago but surprised he was a business partner to my very own father, "Leonard heart". And if my father gets to find out the crazy escapade I made with his business associate, he's going to cut off my head with a flipping chainsaw. (Shuddering breathing)."Good morning mom".  I veered closer and pined a kiss on her cheeks, mom turns to me and
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Hearts 🔥(2)"Oh! Thank God, Are you okay". Dad asked tori as she responds to him donning a weak smile. Eventually, I left, seeing my presence there wasn't needed, Tori watched me and afterward came in to meet me. "Are you okay sis?" She asked, veering my attention towards her, "I am okay" I had to make sure she believes that by wearing a huge smile on, but Tori was no child anymore, she pulls a step backward and tried to read the representation on my face "Hmm, okay!! I'll believe you but don't mind dad, he wants the best for us both". She lets out softly to me. My sister has always been the Daddy's Little girl, and mom's little princess, whereas I was good for nothing, partying diva, who got absolutely nothing to do with her life, so my parents think.Not once have they asked me about my dreams, goals, ambitions, I don't even think, they still remember the
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Heart 🔥(3)mom fell unconscious the second she heard the news, we all rushed and pulled her up from the ground, moments later, after the doctor left, we waited for her to regain consciousness and when she did, her eyes falls on us.Tori leaves the house being emotional, I know it hurts that father is no more but we had got to stay strong as a family, and I know father will be happy with that. I rushed out of the house and saw Tori crying, as much as I would love to cry my eyes out, I just can't, because if we all start crying, who will console each other?". My feet veered closer and I rested my hand on her back immediately gaining her attention, she tries to hid the fact that she cried, cleaning up the tears from her eyes."Yes sis, why are you here?" She smiles at me, and I know a happy smile when I see one."I am here because, I wanted to check up on you!". I answered
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Hearts 🔥 I noted on his face that he seemed serious about the whole proposition, wonder what he wants to tell me?.  "What preposition, Alvin?".  I asked idling to hear his explanation, so he says, "I want us to get married!".  "Wait what?". I Veered a step back listening to him, it feels like Alvin had forgotten that I cannot stand him at all, he has this way for bringing the worst in, in short, he's annoying. "Look, Lisa, let me explain to us".   Like a wolf taking notice of his prey and when to strick, I listened to him, Alvin weaves his mouth open and blatantly sum up everything as it was an obligated marriage to him, that he gets married to me within six months and gets his inheritance, then within the slated month to together,  he pays off the loan amount father took, before he died. That wasn't a bad idea, after listening
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When I told him, I needed time to think, it passed through his ears and out the other. "Look, mom, Alvin told me everything but I don't think I'll be marrying him". I answered back. "Why?" Tori butt into the conversation  A flabbergasted glare draped around my face the moment she lets out to me, it's as if they don't recall anymore that I cannot stand Alvin, and marrying him is something I haven't even given my consent to, minus the fact his offer is tempting. (Inaudible conversation) THE FOLLOWING Morning After getting dressed, I walked downstairs to the living room and walked in on, a man holding a briefcase in his hand. Tori walked behind and took notice of him as well, "who is he"? She asked as we both walked further attaining his attention. "Good morning sir! How may I be of help to you?"  
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I had two options, it was either, I get married to Alvin or have my family on the streets and homeless, thus after weighing my options, I went with the first, by giving in to the demands of my mom, "fine!! I'll get married to Alvin and save the legacy of my father,". My words made mom happy, Tori rushed out and hugged me after paying heed to our conversation, somehow I felt that my life was going to change drastically, only time will tell, how it will. The same day, mom called Alvin home after informing him about my decision, he strolls in holding a piece of documents in his hands, ambling close to us. "Good evening auntie" he greets mom and veers to Tori donning a weak smile, "good evening tori, how are you?" He asked taking notice of my presence behind.  "Hello, beautiful!" He smiles lovingly at me, mom noticed what happened and signaled I reciprocate his greets as well, "hello Alvin" I turned
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Baby, how are you feeling! I am sorry for not coming soon earlier, I just found out what happened". She hugged me maintaining the same gloomy look on.Mom walks out of the kitchen and saw I have finally returned home, she shoots me a weak smile and veers her head toward auntie. "Here's a glass of water, take it".  Aunt Marrietta takes the cup and gulped down the cold water brought in my mom, she buffed out a deep breath and sat down on the couch. We all sat and waited for her to regain her lost strength, she buffed out a deep breath and veered trying to force a smile. I know deep down, aunt was hurting inside, and so were we, losing dad as not only changed everyone's life to mostly mine, I went from miss party Queen diva to miss I just lost my dad, head placed down to earth, trying to help her family kind of girl, indeed it was the only option that urged me to even think of getting marrie
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Aunt and I shared a moment, but everything seems to weeder, when Tori walks in and Informed me that my attention was needed. We both walked out to the living room and took notice of a young lady staring profoundly at me, she tries to walks closer but mom drags her back. "Hello! Liza heart, I have been wanting to speak with you!" The strange lady let's out to me. I veered closer donning a weird look, "who are you? I asked. "My name is Carol and I would like to speak with you in private please!". She loomed her eyes  around and I sensed she didn't want anyone to hear our conversation. Mom disapproved of her idea, but I was much curious about what Carol wished to speak with me about, I ran a weak smile and strolled out of the house with her. We walked a further and when she noticed we weren't being followed, I veered donning a straight face. 
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Alvin acted like the perfect gentleman in front of the journalists, he maintained his smile and continued dancing. After a while, we returned to the party!! He took me by my hands as we walked close to a man and a woman who veered back donning a smile. "Hello, son!!! Who Is she?" The woman asked still smiling. Alvin shoots me a weak smile, held me tightly, and said, "actually mom, the lady here, is my fiancee".  He says, as the glass from his mom's hands dropped down and scattered around. "What!!! Is this a silly joke, Alvin because If it is, I'll beat you to a pulp".   He veers and falls his attention to the man standing beside his mom, thus I figured if the woman is his mom, the man must be his father. "Oh please dad!!! Don't try to scare me in front of the woman I love, and before you say anything, yes!! Miss Lisa heart is going to be my wif
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The atmosphere changed, Mr. Ajay pulls out a stool and sat down, his eyes still diced on mine, he proceeds again, "now, how about we play a game, you tell me who you are and I tell you what and why all this is happening, no one gets hurts, we all leave happy. A curious look draped over my face, what the heck does he mean by such words, "look, Mr. Ajay, my name is Lisa and I am Alvin's fiancee". I affirmed to him, rather he shook his head and disproved, weaving a buzzer sound.  "Wrong answer, Missy!!! Now let's try this again, who are you, tell me the truth and if you try to lie to me the second time, I'll make sure that your family gets the result of your foolish decision!". He says still maintaining the same look at me. It finally came to me that he wanted to know the real truth and not the made-up one, thus I opened my mouth and said, "my name is Liza heart and I am the daughter to late Leonard and Alvin contracte
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