Chapter thirteen

He moaned softly curly his eyes at me, and he scanned thoroughly, retorting back, "I don't think you need to change, because wearing this will make you stand out". 

I got up and jump down like a bouncer, "what do you mean by that, do I look like a clown?" I pushed for a response, as he veered a few steps away from me.

"No!!" He dons a charming smile at me, which got me jilted, "why don't you get dressed miss trouble, and please make yourself pretty, besides your going to be my wife" (still maintaining that smile, he walked out of the room).

(An hour later)

Alvin paced around in the living room,  constantly yelling out my name, mom turns to inquire what's taking me so long but halts the second I strolled out of the room.

"Urgh!! Thank God, are you always, this late for occasions, and please don't tell me you forgot to apply another set of eyeliner". (Sarcasm).

Tori couldn't hold in her laugher, and so did mom, they laughed out loud and the second their eyes ran through my angered gaze, the laugher seized.

"Can we go now!! And besides you're the one that told me to dress well, have you forgotten?". (Maintained the same look and pushed him away from my path).

After a while, he got into the car and drove off, Tori poked her head and saw the car drive further away.

(Deluxe hotels)

I practically counted the hours left to reach the hotel and finally, we did, Alvin and I got out from the car, just to surround ourselves with the reporters who came to get informed about the funfair.

"Let's go in" he signaled and waited for me to make a move, as we both walked into the hotel, veering everyone's attention over the moment we stepped in, including his parents.

Mr. Ajay fixed his gaze on us while he kept talking to the guest who came for the funfair.

(A while later)

"Hello miss Liza, hope you had a beautiful night's rest?". 

Mr. Ajay's presence smoldered me, and no matter how much I tried to fake a smile, he knew what was going on.

"Oh!! It's you, why are you here?". I said and watched him amble closer.

"Why am I here? Do I need to explain everything to you or have you forgotten about our deal?".  ( Meddling to see my reaction)

With a weak smile on my countenance, I asked, "I never told you, I was going to do anything against Alvin and even if I did, the contract terminated". 

"Contract terminated, please tell me, is it a nonexclusive contract or an exclusive one, because I do not know anything" (waits a while but continued talking) "all I know is that, you owe for not killing you the other day and besides, this isn't negotiable, you're going to do all I need of you and if you don't, your sister will be in a grave mess and so is your family". 

Yet again he threatened the lives of my family, so help me God, before he tries to do anything stupid that might take the life of my mom and my sister, I'll be the one to end his life without hesitation, (that's my head talking).

"So tell me, your highness, what exactly do you wish me to do and why?". (In a sarcastic tone I asked).

He smirks, "now that's a good girl!!!" I donned a weak moan as he continues talking, " I need you to go give a warm hug to Alvin's mother". 

"A warm hug, I don't understand?" I said back. 

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