Chapter fourteen

Ajay frowns at my statement, "do I have to spell everything out for you?" He wears an odd look on his countenance.

"Yes, yes, you do, but why do I have this feeling like you want me to poison someone?". 

I took a step backward trying to hold in my smiles, Mr. Ajay pulls a step closer and affirmed my words "yes, you are right, I want you to poison your soon-to-be-fake mother law". 

(Spurned at his statement) 

"Wait!! What, position Alvin's mom, no way, am I doing such a thing".

I declined his offer, attempting to leave, rather he dragged me back and weaved out a warning, "don't you think of messing with me child!!! And you just an hour to go over there and do my bidding". (Pushed me and walked out after offering me a glass of two bubbly glasses of wine in my hands).

Out of burden, I walked over to Alvin's mom, my hands were trembling, I don't think I'll be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her, even Alvin won't be able to forgive me so easily.

So I donned a smile and said, "ma'am!! Wine". She veered and sweetened my ears with her words, "yes please, I was a little thirsty".

Her hand grabbed the glass as I watched her slowly fetch it close to her lips, "what do I do?" I looked for a solution, Mr. Ajay was at a bays length glaring at us, his face lits up and the second, she was set to drink it, someone pushed her and the glass scattered to the floor.

"Oh!! Thank God"

A sign of relief hovered around me, somehow it's God's intervention that made it happen because if she would have taken that drink, I'll have been in deep trouble.

(Still at the party)

After gossiping with Mrs. Rosa fisher, in which she introduced herself to me, I went off to the bar section and requested ice-cold water.

The bartender turns his back to get my order, then I felt a hand that weaves me away in a flash.

"What!!! What's going on?". I said, decerning a man with a concealed face.

He dragged me out of the living room and we went further away, I thought to myself, is this another plan of Mr. Ajay, what is going to happen now?  But I got my answer when the man with a concealed face, uncovered itself to be Alvin.

"You!! How dare you scare me like that?" I pushed him, pissed off about it, he veers a step back hence the minute I tried to repeat the same action, he pulled me closer as we both fell to the floor like a log.

(Eyes locked for a few seconds before he broke the ice)

"Get up, miss trouble" Alvin's words nudged me back to my senses, I immediately got up donning back the pissed-off look on my face. 

"What the heck is wrong with you? Why did you scare me In such a manner?". (Still angered).

Alvin knew how angered I was, he weaves out an apology, "I am sorry, I didn't think, my silly idea will scare you but all I wanted is for us to have a private moment together". He lets out to me.

"Pri... together". 

My words broke into segments, to me being alone with Alvin's isn't going to be a good idea, I pulled a step backward like a scared little puppy.

"Awwww!!! Miss Liza's heart is scared of being alone with me!! Why?" He inquired of me.

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