Chapter fifteen

"Mr. Alvin, are you trying to act smart with me?". (A sly smile on)

We both shared a smile as he waits to hear my final response to him, it was left to either say a big yippee or a nope, either way, I was a little curious about what he wants to talk with me about.

"Fine, let me see what you want to show me?". I said smurfing a smile on his face, "let's go then" he walks away, still maintaining the look on his face.

We walked into a strong room, a dark creepy storage room, "erm!! Why are we here Alvin?" I asked as he switched the light to the room on, smudge a startled look on my face, the whole room was filled with pictures of a long happy family, I soared my eyes and ran past a childhood picture of Alvin himself, he was so cute and surprised chubby( aww).

Alvin melted his eye to mine and saw how lost I stared at his picture, "miss trouble, what's going on in your head?" He lets out attaining my atte

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