69_ stubborn woman

Third pov

The daughter of the beta who is now an alpha due to what happened to the late alpha

Adriana didn't want to come back. She knew that this world was about to end. But her brother was there. He stayed in the place where he thought that his fiance had been left behind.

The lady thinks that living at the top of the world would be hard without her loved one. She thought that she couldn't live without her brother and father. because her parents were so busy, and now that her father was an alpha, she was sure that his parents would be busier. Maybe this would be hard for her if her husband was just beside her.

She is going to get her brother for a while. Her father is still busy. She jumped back to the edge and ran until the water was still not coming back. She didn't know how long she was running, but when Adriana reached the top of the second level, she saw a group of wolves about to jump in the fall. She was about to ignore him and leave when she noticed Killian standing nearby.

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