The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin

The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
331 ratings
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Skyla Silara Rossi is the 18-year-old daughter of the Lycan King himself. She attends Midnight Academy, a place that is a safe haven for the supernatural, but for Skyla, it’s not enough. She still doesn’t fit in. Unable to control the power and rage of her beast, she isolates herself from the world. With each passing year, her Lycan is getting stronger. Becoming harder for the young princess to mingle with those who have now come to fear her. This year, there’s something different that awaits her return to the Academy, in the form of two sizzling Alpha males. Aleric and Royce Arden are the twin sons of the Alpha of The Shadow Wolves Pack. With blond hair and icy grey eyes, the twins are walking gods, ones that any girl would desire. Even Skyla Rossi. Coming from a pack that holds its own secrets, they both have come to the academy as new teachers. Each with his own hidden intentions. Yet when their lives intertwine with the Lycan Princess, everything is thrown upside down. A relationship between a student and a teacher must be kept a secret, especially when it involves the King’s daughter. Skyla spells trouble and danger, but can the wild Rossi be tamed, or will her emotions and power, mixed with betrayal, destroy her forever? In a dance of lust, lies, and forbidden desires, will Skyla find her knight in shining armour, or will the Arden Princes be her ultimate downfall? A Feisty Lycan Princess, a Charming Science Professor and a Sexy Broody Trainer; what could go wrong? Oh yes… everything. Book 3 of the Rossi Legacies Book 1 & 2 are under the title Alpha Leo and the Heart of Fire. Follow me on IG author.muse

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The novel is a werewolf fantasy surrounding feminist adventures. It is written by Moonlight Muse and has a rating level of 10/10 from 105 ratings. Skyla is a daughter of a Lycan King who goes to a paranormal school. Despite her attempts to withdraw from the Lycan world, she even became more powerful. But her plans and interests changed as she met two hot Alpha males, Aleric and Royce Arden who start teaching in her academy. Her duty as a powerful Lycan prowess was distracted when she got caught up in the world of Alphas. Her rebellion she can't control...

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Katie S Sonnentag
When will there be audio for this book?
2024-04-24 13:43:31
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What does it take for a book to have audio Ms. Muse? Would love to have one for this.
2024-04-14 11:36:54
default avatar
When will this book have audio to it?
2024-03-13 15:41:56
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Raylene Koopman
I love this book...️
2024-03-09 01:49:58
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Emily Otene
I'm really looking forward to the next one. its been hard waiting, I must admit lol ... I can't wait
2024-02-18 16:13:01
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Love it. Amazing book. Your work is amazing
2024-02-12 06:29:06
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Gayatri Devra
amazing amazing amazing ... ... ...️ ... ... ...️ ... of course muse never serves anything less than amazing ... ... ... ...️ ... ... ... ... ...
2024-02-04 22:07:10
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Audrey Coulombe
You got to love a man that never falters! This book pushes the limits of the mate bond which makes it original and unexpected all the way through. There are some darker themes than most books in the series, but the book is great and sets the table for wanting to know more.
2024-01-29 16:34:11
user avatar
Truly recommend! Great character development and many barriers broken. Loved it 100% must read!! Thank you Muse!!
2024-01-27 22:44:50
default avatar
Such a good book! Definitely worth the read!
2024-01-07 23:22:57
default avatar
Best series , waiting eagerly for the new book
2024-01-01 03:05:00
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Lesley-Ann Byrd
last day of December.. I'm waiting patiently for the new book. ... Hope u have had a great holiday. will keep waiting patiently.. thank you for the wonderful books you have written.
2023-12-30 20:14:23
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Maria Sheehan
love this book .. love the series
2023-12-30 05:31:50
user avatar
Great read so far. Your stories are really nice Muse!
2023-12-25 07:31:59
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Jeceeka Lacey
When’s the next book coming out. It’s the end of December. The wait is killing me.
2023-12-24 23:12:22
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169 Chapters
1. On My Own
SKYLA. Music blares from the car radio and I’m enjoying the wind that whips through my hair. I look at the satnav and resist a yawn, massaging the back of my neck. There is nothing more satisfying than realising you are free - free of the image you were morphed into, no longer hidden behind the shield your parents created for you. Freedom is what I saw when my pack territory disappeared in the rear vision mirror. No more watchful eyes, no more scared whispers to try to ignore. I can finally put what happened behind me, or so I hope. The past sometimes seems to latch onto me like a damn leech, coming back to haunt me. Coming back to serve as a reminder. One slip up, and I might not be as lucky as last time. I hate to think what would have happened if mama didn’t get there in time. If she hadn’t saved him… I might not be here right now. Less than an hour left now… it’s been a long drive from The Night Walkers Pack, home to me and my family. I wish that I didn’t have to resort to this
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2. A Prince
SKYLA. Those few seconds feel like forever, until I see the three dots that signal that he’s typing. Reign707: Wow… I may have a PhD in English, but I’m pretty lost for words right now… The tattoo is far sexier than the draft you sent me last month. Secondly, maybe I’m crossing the line, but you’re even hotter naked, and I didn’t think that was possible. My stomach flutters and I smirk and text my reply. LuciferessX: Thanks XD. Soo, do I get a picture in return? It’s kind of hot in here, and even when I slip between the sheets of my freshly made bed, I still can’t shake that feeling away. Reign707: I guess it’s only fair, but I’m pre-warning you, I have just consumed a 20” pizza. LuciferessX: Don’t worry, I’ll keep that in mind when I admire your food baby. Reign707: Lol A picture loads and I find myself staring at the most drool-worthy eight-pack I’ve ever seen. Oh damn, he’s sizzling… he’s tanned, and every groove of his chiselled body is perfect… I can see the band of what
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3. Stood Up
SKYLA. I lead the way to the kitchen. I kiss Malevolent and place her down on the table before I begin rummaging in the drawers. The quicker we find it, the quicker I can get rid of him. He walks over to the sink and washes his hands, and for a moment I get distracted by the way his arms flex. I quickly turn away and open the next drawer, relieved when I spot the box. I carry it to the table, and open it to take out two rolls of gauze. I quickly snip a long piece off and then begin cutting it down the middle for my poor little kitty. I then wrap her leg gently and she meows, not happy with it, but I hold her in place as she struggles, not letting me tie it. “Malevolent, behave.” I scold lightly. “Here, I’ll help.” He says and I allow him. His hands are already healed, and only a few extremely faint scratches remain. “So, what made you move out here at this time of year?” “What makes you say I moved out here recently?” I counter, mimicking his tone. Our eyes meet and he smirks, hi
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4. In the Mirror
SKYLA. The moment I push those double doors open entering the much quieter corridor, I glance back over my shoulder. Our eyes meet for a second, there’s an intensity between us. The music is half blocked out and I give him the faintest of smiles. I turn the corner and enter the women’s restroom. It’s empty, but this will work… I lean against the wall, looking at the mirror that is hanging on the far wall. But my reflection is not of a woman struggling inside. I don’t recognize this version of myself… Don’t recognize the uncaring expression of a vixen willing to get hot and heavy in a woman’s bathroom with a stranger. The woman reflected back at me - I meet her sometimes… She’s my escape. The one I don’t even know… but tonight, like many others, I’m giving her the reins again. The door opens mere seconds behind me, and I tilt my head to look at him. “Interesting choice.” He states while locking the door. He turns around to face me, his eyes hungrily roaming over every inch of me.
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5. A Father's Demands
ROYCE. I left. I don’t know, that just was not a conversation that I wanted to embarrass her with, by overhearing. Whatever was going on between her and her father was her business… but it did feel like I was stood up twice. The passing streetlights soon become sparse as I drive my Bentley up the winding hill towards home. I can’t get either woman out of my head. Lil Lucifer, as I like to call her, didn’t even send another message since her surprising last text that read; ‘I didn’t really want to meet anyway.’ My replies to her were ignored, although she came online several times after I sent those. Maybe she got cold feet, but she should have given me an explanation or voiced her concerns rather than just cancelling on me without even a heads up. Then there was Little Miss Green Eyes, sexy and sinful all at once, and now I kind of wish I had just fucked her first and played later. By the time I get out of my car and toss my keys to the valet, I’m even more aggravated than before.
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6. First Day Back
SKYLA. Midnight Academy. Home to the annoying hormone-ridden spawns of the supernatural. One of the four schools founded by my own father, a place meant to make us fit in, to feel at home, to be ourselves. Only that depends on what is considered the norm for the supernatural. I’m one-of-a-kind, or two if you add my father. No one knows exactly what I am, but they fear me. I can see it in their eyes, smell it reeking off them. I now glance around the halls wondering if Kataleya, my twin, has arrived. Dad had offered to collect me and drive me here, but after that argument last night, I ignored his messages just letting Kat know I’ll make my own way. I walk down the hall to my locker, not missing the way those nearby edge away. They’re still scared after last year… but because they know I’m the king’s daughter, they won’t dare try to insult me when there’s no one around to protect them. Their eyes say it all. Pathetic cunts. I poke my eyes out at the nearest little putrid spawn and d
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7. A Lesson Without Control
My heart races in my chest. It’s only for a few seconds before his eyes look away and he continues to skim the classroom, but the fleeting recognition didn’t pass me, making his jaw clench. He turns his attention to the class like he didn’t have his fingers inside me the other night, or recognize me for that matter. “Everyone warm up, and then I’ll be pairing you off.” He says coldly, turning away and walking to the side. I’ve already warmed up, but I still do some stretches trying to collect my racing thoughts. Royce Arden… fuck why didn’t I recognise him? I mean, I haven’t seen him, but I’ve seen his father. Blond hair, and light eyes, he has his dad’s damn jaw too. Fuck! Way to start the school year Sky. In the last few minutes of us doing our stretches, I feel his aura, only it isn’t the dominant calm one from the other night. His aura is menacing and I glance over my shoulder to look at him, his arms are folded over his broad chest. A chest I’ve run my hands down, one I fel
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8. A Rossi against an Arden
ROYCE.“What the actual fuck!”I internally flinch as the nasally voice of one of the girls screeches in my ear. You would think being werewolves she’d know that we have heightened hearing. The green-eyed Goddess is standing- I mean Skyla’s standing there clearly shocked. I heard rumours of something happening last year from dad, but no one really knew the full story… but there’s something that happened. One of the boys backs away before turning and jogging out of the room.Skyla’s eyes flash that same intense plum colour, and I can feel her aura rising.“I want everyone to run laps around the hall and you are not to stop until I return!” I command, taking hold of Skyla’s arm. I stare down at the tattoos for a second, an image that is currently the wallpaper screen on my unlocked screen...Seeing her had shaken me, not because I had fucking crossed a line that never should be crossed with one of my students, but because I recognised those tattoos… if only she hadn’t been wearing a long
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9. My Irritation
ROYCE. Her fingertips slide under her bra and I know I need to leave. “What’s wrong? Struggling between your two heads?” She taunts in that seductive voice of hers, as soft, seductive and utterly sexy as the first time she spoke. “No.” I manage to reply, but I don’t think I sound convincing to even myself. I’m not expecting what she does next. She turns towards me, and at the same time, she pulls her bra off over her head and I find myself staring at her tits. Round, firm and perky, both nipples adorned with a little jewelled ring. I throb hard, knowing I’m now supporting a full-on hard-on. As humiliating as that is… there’s something about those dusky pink areolas and her flawless tanned skin that are keeping me mesmerised. She’s walking towards me in nothing but those red thongs and my mind is telling me I need to get out of here. With each swing of those curved hips, that tiny waist that glitters with another piercing, is messing me with. Yet, I’m unable to look away from tho
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10. Our Incentives
ALERIC. “I just wanted to say welcome.” The pretty little blond says as she holds out the hamper filled with chocolates, wine and a mug with my initials. How thoughtful… but I’m a little busier admiring her breasts. “Beautiful,” I say with a smile as I reach over and take the hamper from her. She smells good, expensive perfume and, of course, her own scent is pleasant enough. She blushes and bites her lips as I place it down on my desk. Despite there being a shared teachers’ lounge, I am an Arden and so of course that comes with perks. After all, our father is one of the ones who made this all possible. “Thank you… oh wait you meant the hamper, yes thank you I made it!” She gushes and I smirk, leaning against my desk. “I actually did mean you.” I say softly. So fickle. She tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear as she looks up at me with eyes that hold lust. “Thanks.” She says, no longer as coy as she was. “If you do need anything or want anything… I’m always here.” I stan
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