Chapter 211: Home

Meredith was thoroughly enjoying the garden party. There were immaculate flowers, greenery and shrubs delicately sprinkled around the greenest lushest lawn Meredith had ever seen.

She had gotten so many compliments on her outfit. Of course, she gave all the credit to Brayden who had picked it all out. Brayden charmed all the women without even saying anything, when he did they were almost faint.

Meredith shook her head at it all and went about the party trying every bit of the au d'oeuvres that were presented. If she found one that was exceptional she would pop it in Brayden’s mouth. Brayden didn’t complain because he loved watching Meredith doing this little dance of the foodie.

The Baxton’s finally caught up with Meredith and Brayden near the sushi station where Meredith was trying a mini dragon roll. Brayden was talking to a well known architect and promising to stop by and take a look at his home designs.

“I see you two made it okay,” Dave Baxton greeted he chuckled watching Mere
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Charity Mills
it's been months, are you going to finish the book?
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Janette Basilio
Any updates?
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Andreea Georgy
I want to see the end ... ... ... ...
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