Stepping out of the elevator I stopped on my track, looking at the beautiful scene before me.  This floor is decorated with the finest qualities, from the colours of the wall, and the furniture setting is so beautiful. Everything in here cost a fortune, my father's life savings.      

   The setting is a combination of furniture that befits royalties, white walls, art designs and a very huge sparkling golden chandelier located at the center of the floor in-between my desk. I kept looking in amazement. As I continued staring, my attention shifted to the desk that seemed to be mine.

   I feel some kind of peace as I look at it because it is to my taste. A very fancy office chair and table that befits a classy lady like me. Besides, there is nobody around to distract or disturb me with their talks when I want to be alone or busy with work. Just then when I thought I had seen it all my gaze moved to the transparent glass wall opposite my desk. It is so clear it almost like nothing was there. To top it up, I can see New York City in its glory. 

    I can even see the Statue of Liberty right from where I stood. "Was New York City built around this billionaire company?" I wondered. Because this should definitely be a tourist center. I can literally see the whole city from here, I am so happy because I love looking at the City. My eyes begin to tear up, this whole arrangement feels like it was made specially for me. I love it.

  It feels like I'm working for Dad, he is the only one that would go the extra mile just so that I'll be happy and comfortable.

  "I will really love my stay here but sadly it won't last long." I said to myself, wiping the tears off my face.


    If only my boss would give me one more chance, I promise I would be nice and be on my best behavior till I leave this place. But don't think I would want to leave when the time comes, oh no, this is bad. 

   Taking a step forward  to see more of the amazing view, I lost my balance. 

"Ah!" I screamed. 

    Thankfully the wall was there to support me, I held on to it firmly, scared I would fall off. I have completely lost my mind, how will I fall off when there is a wall to stop me? Chuckling softly, I placed my hand on my chest. I totally forgot that the walls are made of glass.

  Just then, a sparkling thing on the floor caught my attention. Wow the floor is made of darklike see through glass. Looking intently, I saw different beautiful fish.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed. The floor is an aquarium. This is unbelievable, never seen anything like this before.

  "How were the engineers able to achieve this?" I can't stop wondering, trying to comprehend it.

This whole building is dripping with wealth, did he spend half of his fortune to achieve this structure and the building at large? I know he comes from money but what, this is too much. It is so sad I won't be here long, I will be fired immediately.

  Feeling depressed, I recalled the incident that took place at the car park not long ago. Why was I so rude to him? I should have been nice to him since I haven't met the CEO or seen his pictures. No, he can't be the CEO. Or Is he an investor? 

    He could literally be anyone, why the hell didn't I think of that! Oh no! I came late to work and was rude to someone that might contribute to me being fired on my first day. Trying to understand why I behaved so rudely I blamed it all on the traffic. I think the traffic added to my stress. I'll apologise to whoever that was when I see him, that is if I am given another opportunity.

  "Cathy, you need to think of something," I said to myself. But after thinking for a while I couldn't come up with anything. Maybe I need to relax first. 

   Trying to relax I couldn't, my attention went to my boss as I looked at the door of his office. He ought to have come out since with all the noise I have been making. 

"Is everything okay with him?" I wondered. Quickly I  set my table and walked straight to his office without knocking. Before I realized it, it's too late. 


"Please forgive me sir for barging into your office without knocking, I'm so sorry.." I started but stopped noticing the empty seat. 

  Wow, he is not here, I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Could he perhaps be in a meeting waiting for the investor that I embarrassed  or is he also late just like me? All these are questions I kept wondering in my head. I hope the answer turns out to be the latter. 

  Taking a few steps in his office, I can't help but notice the beautiful features of his office. Just like mine his office has a transparent glass wall, it shows the city from another beautiful and delicate angle. The interior decorator did justice to it's decoration, leaving no stone unturned.

   Through his office I can tell the boss is a no nonsense man that radiates power. Walking round I kept staring in amazement, observing every little detail. From the colors to the 3D wall decoration. I wonder how it will feel sitting in his chair, curiosity took over me I went to his seat and sat on his chair 

"Hmmm.., this is perfect" I said smiling to myself. The chair is so comfortable I Know I'm stepping my boundaries, but  it is designed so well your back won't ache if you sit on it for long. So lost in my world I didn't hear the door open

"Can you explain to me what you're doing in my office grinning like a fool?" Says a deep voice that sends chills down my back. 

  Scared, this voice sounds familiar. I tried to think who it could be, but no one came to my mind. Still I can't shake the feeling away, I know I  have heard this voice somewhere,

 "But where?" I wondered.

  Closing my eyes I  tried to think harder, then  it clicked, just like a puzzle. It sounds exactly like the stranger's voice I had an argument with some mins ago, no this can't be happening. The stranger can't be my boss, I mean considering the way I spoke to him I feel so ashamed of myself. 

"God please let it not be him" I prayed silently in my mind.

   It can't be, it just can't.  My office? What?? I can't believe this. Slowly I opened my eyes, praying  but was disappointed as my eyes fell on him, the  stranger, the man who took my breath away, and made my heart beat faster than ordinary. Suddenly I couldn't breathe, this big office became small and stuffy. Choking me, I started coughing and gasping for air at the same time. 

"Hey, are you okay?" Quickly Adam ran to me, patting my back gently as I tried to recover from my weird behavior.

"Yes I am fine," I said breathlessly. I couldn't look at him. How can I? I just can't.

  Luckily for me, he has a dispenser in his office. Quickly he brought me a glass of water. Collecting it from him I drank it at once.

"Easy, easy okay? Take it easy" He said so lovingly, my heart almost melted. 

  This time around I looked at him, trying to picture this version of him. With the way he is behaving you will never know he is wicked and behaved wickedly towards me some minutes ago. This person in front of me now is acting like a sweetheart, it makes me wonder how he does it. Sweet one minute and mean the other.  Shaking the thought off, I used the opportunity to look at his facial features one last time since today might be my last day here. I observed his handsome features trying to store it in my head.

"Like what you see,'' he said, drawing his face close to mine. I thought he would kiss me. Oh no my heart is beating fast, I tried to speak but couldn't so I kept shut waiting for his lips to touch mine, but it didn't. 

"If you keep staring at me like that you might fall in love,.. you never know" he said whispering in my ears. When he raised his head up and faced me, he had a mischievous smirk on his face.

"Oh no, I am sorry. It is not what you think" I blurted out. So embarrassed I looked away. I can feel my chick reddened. 

 "It is fine. So now can you tell me what you are doing in my office?" And just like that his attitude changed from sweet to bossy. 

"No, I was just leaving" standing up quickly, I tried to walk past him to the door but felt a strong hand pull me back to my former position.

"This is the last warning, don't ever walk past me while I am still talking" he said in a dangerous tone

"I.. am.. sorry, didn't mean to" I stammered, shaking in fear. 

"You may leave" he finally said after staring at me for God no how long

"Thank you sir" I said timidly, getting up and leaving. All the while my heart keeps beating both for arousal and fear. 

  The handsome stranger whom I insulted, thinking he was an employee just like me, turned out to be my boss. The owner of this multi-billion dollars company.

 "Will he ever forgive me?" I wondered as I left his office.

Shutting the door behind me I grasped the handle tightly as I tried to catch my breath. What just happened, why does everything seem to go wrong today, how can this be?      With the way I behaved rudely to him at the car park, I'm sure I will not be forgiven. 

    But I won't let this setback ruin my plan.  I will send my CV to other companies, it might not be big like this but I will manage. Feeling so bad, I can't help the single tear that fell from my eye. I feel drawn to this place already, like I belong here.   

   Looking at the place one last time, I said goodbye. The landline rang as I took my bag from the table about to leave. 

"Who could be calling?" I wondered. Probably the boss, he wants to tell me the sad news. After contemplating, I decided to answer the call.

"Hello" I said calmly 

"In my office immediately" he ordered

  Oh no, this is it. The thing I have been dreading. He wants to fire me without giving me a chance to explain. This is so unfair. Without saying anything else I hung up. Slowly I went to his office, knocking a few times before entering.

"Sit" he said with a voice free if no emotion


"There is no need for that sir. I know you want to fire me, I understand. I am sorry for everything I did, it was nice meeting you."  I blurted out without raising my head up to look at him, I felt so embarrassed. 

   After saying that I turned to take my leave since I got no response from him. But stopped before I could make it to the door knob as I heard his voice.

"Wait" he called. Turning I looked down, still can't look at him

"There is no need for you to leave,you are not fired."

  Raising my head quickly I looked at him. Can't believe my ears, I am not fired? Oh my God I am so happy, it is evident in my eyes. 

"I haven't had breakfast, get me one, with a cup of coffee with milk only. No sugar. But of course if you want to still quit you may'

"No! I don't want to," I said happily. 

"Alright then" he said, taking his attention to his system

"I will get your breakfast right away sir"

"My name is Adam Rutherford, what is yours?" He asked out of nowhere, still not taking his eyes off his system.

"My name is  Catherine Shawn sir, everyone calls me Cathy." I said. 

"Okay Catherine.." oh my the way he said my name makes my heart flutter.

 "Sandra will put you through on the way things work here "  

"Okay Sir" I said. With a nod he dismissed me.  Turning I left his office, closing the door behind me.


  Wow, I can't believe this. I still have my job. But I still feel restless, why did he let me off so easily, or is it perhaps a plan of his to punish me later. Whatever the case, I know I will be able to handle it. What matters now is that I have my job

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