But Can I Trust You?

The days passed.

The end of Ansha's second semester was near. All the teachers were concluding their classes and their practical exams were about to start.

The students were trying to live their most before the tension hits them hard and they would try to be devoured by their studies.

It was one of that days. Ansha and her friends has leave their classroom after the day's last lecture ended.

They were moving through the corridor when she notices him at the water tank with his friend.

These were also the days when Ansha's mind was full of him. She was unconsciously aware that she has start loving him. She kept daydreaming about him. She thinks that soon they would be speaking to each other and they will have a decent and sweet love story. Her hopes were already too high for a future with him.

In short, she was high on love and didn't notice anything else.

She was all smiles when Rabeel shake her and push her into an empty classroom.

"I have seen enough to ask you what's going on. Just
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