Loving You Was A Mistake

Loving You Was A Mistake

By:  Angel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Those were the initial days of her university when she saw him for the first time. She fell for him without talking to him even once. He was her 2 years senior. She clearly knows that he likes her too. She waits for him and 2 years passed. He graduates. She felt like she have to make a first move. But then she saw him with another girl. Her world was ripped apart and she made a decision. Loving him is a mistake and she closes her heart clearly knowing that there is no path in which they will again intervene each others' life. But she was wrong.

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18 Chapters
Love at First Sight?
4 years before... She enters into her department and goes towards her class along with her best friend. There was a smile on her face and she was in her own world.“Ansha!”, her friend called her back to reality.“Hmm?”“These are only our first days of university and you are already smiling like an idiot.Tell me what happened that left you all smiles and I don't even noticed that.”“Rabeel! It's nothing like you're thinking. There is anything in my life that I can hide from you? You're my best friend since junior school. You know all about me.”“Yes I know all about you that's why I'm asking what is on your mind that you keep smiling.”Ansha smiled more.“Well, I'm just thinking about life, just a month back, I was in my most depressed state and at that time I can't expect that my life would turn out like this.” There was a series of flashbacks of past few months of her life.How she scored less than she s
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Who is He?
Chapter 2 Is it Love or Hate? Few days later.... She was attending her last lecture of the day. She tries to concentrate on what the teacher is saying but she can't. She always seats in the first row, as it helps her not letting her mind anywhere else. But today this method also was not working for her. Her mind was again and again going on that mysterious man. She was sure that she has seen him anywhere else before but she can't remember where. She can't even remember the time. And for her the main issue is that these are already the last week of the semester and she don't even see him again after that day. She always tries to look for him whenever she had a chance to look around outside her class. She also waits for him on the main gate just like first time, but he was nowhere to be seen. After this week there will be final exams of the semester
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Just One more Step
Days passed and her preparation period was over. Today was her first exam. Second year and first year exams are scheduled to be on same day but 2nd year students' exams were in morning. Whereas First year Exams were in afternoon but they all were in university from morning as usual. Her eyes were finding him since she steps into premises of her department. Her speculations were if he is in first year like her, he will definitely appear at exam time but if he is in 2nd year, she will saw him coming after the paper. But if he is of 3rd or 4th (last) year, there is 95% possibility he will not come if he does not have any 1st or 2nd year improve exams.
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Past Revival - Him
Present Time... She was going through her Snapchat memories. Those photos were from the last day of her first semester. Her selfies, pictures with whole class, the happy moments of her group friends and with Rabeel. Seeing her selfies with her, the clips of her happy memories flow through her mind but end at the sad note. What she did to her leaves a thorn in her heart forever. At times she thinks, why she did all this to her. But she already knows all the answers. She put down her mobile and let her back rest on the sofa. She already has so much issues in her life to sort out. She does not have time for the past. As she thinks that her past has only added to her miseries. She has to survive in her present. Her 22nd birthday is coming up soon but before that she had to get a job. The reminder tone of her mobile reminds her that her interview is in 2 hours. She had to get ready. S
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Past Revival - Her
The acceptance call from the company which came in the morning was enough for her happy to the moon and back mood. She has to join on the day after tomorrow. She called Nisha and set her plans for the day. First, they will do shopping then Ansha would treat her in her favorite restaurant. After that she message another person. “Got selected! I’ll be joining the day after tomorrow so I’ll be super busy. Meet me at our usual place tomorrow for dinner?” “As your wish sweetheart!” He replied. She smiled at his expected message.   Later that day in Shopping mall….             They were leisurely walking with their hands full of their shopping. Ansha was humming a song. “Well, well, well your excitement for this job is already over the moon and you haven’t started it yet. I think you will not
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Consequences of Incomplete Love
Again, the night was restless today too for her. She was tossing and turning on her bed. Tears were just uncontrollably flowing out of her eyes, despite of all her attempts to not to cry.             After sending the files through e-mail on time she was just like this. She thinks of sleeping but that seems impossible to herself.             In the end she just sits up and holding her knees, she gave in to all her sorrows. She cries harder, holding herself tighter.             He just appears again. When she was finally ready to move on. Despite of her hate for him, her love is always more. And from her love for him, the broken pieces of her heart are even more.   With her cries getting intense, she was shaking badly. As always, there was no one to hold
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Fragments of Past
Back to Past…             This was the fourth day of her 2nd semester. This time she was more hopeful for their ambiguous relation. Her heart was even more attracted to him. On her first day she only saw a glimpse of him. Later, she was unable to find him. Later that day, Ansha and her friends were going to photocopy shop to purchase their lab handouts. They have to pass through a corridor in which there were classes of senior year students. There she saw him. He was standing there with his friend. He also looked at her. When she came closer, he whispered to his friend and pointed towards her with his eyes. She noticed it all but ignored it. She can only feel happiness in her heart as she was afraid to show it. On her way back from the shop, she was more than happy. She had to go back from the same corridor, she saw that he had en
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Adding to Her Misery
PRESENT TIME… A week had passed. And every day was same. Starts with load of works and sometimes with some mental torture. And ends with the announcement of tomorrow’s workload. She was already feeling tired of her dream job. At first, she wants to continue her job no matter what as she loves her work but everything is falling apart here for her. Every day her hopelessness is only increasing. Now, she was hesitating. Her boss and colleagues were welcoming and friendly to her but suddenly her boss is clearly showing his dislike for her and all her colleagues are keeping their selves at a distance from her. This is too much for her. Only Maira came for her help whenever she gets a chance. Many times, she would be chased away by boss or his assistant but she always comes back. Finding a friend in her in this chaos is a blessing to her. She was deliberately ignoring the fact of involvement of Ahmer in her misery bu
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Why did I Love You?
At Night… Ahmer was watching her today’s recordings on loop on his laptop. The screen was showing her video of sitting with her head in her knees, holding herself together. She was in pain. She had been wronged. She was tired of all this. But she never looks up. The screen shows Maira coming for her. She doesn’t even say a word of complain to her. She can let her frustration out. But she didn’t. Now, the screen was showing her reaction after seeing her gift in worst state. She got hurt after seeing the tie. Tears were evident in her eyes when she was holding it in her hand. She suddenly got up and get out of the door. He waits for her. She has to come to him. She will definitely ask him about the things happening to
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With You all Pains Turns into Nothing
At Weekend… The empty boxes of pizza and other fast food with bottles of drinks were scattered on the table and Nisha can be seen sitting on one of the chairs around the dining table holding her head with both of her hands. Ansha was sitting beside her with her hand on Nisha’s back, trying to comfort her and let her digest the news, with a face full of unexpected grievance mix with confusion and expected reaction of Nisha. “Nisha! 10 minutes are already passed. When are you going to lift up your head? Just say something.” “SOMETHING!” Nisha replied, never lifting her head up for even once. “Are you serious?” “So, what did you want me to say?” She was sulking but this time she lifts up her head.” “Scold me please.” Ansha said to her with her eyes facing south. “By which right?” “Only you have this right.” “Then you should have come at once to me. On the ver
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