Chapter 16: The Save

Polly watched Pilita sink. Her eyes were still open and was looking at him. Polly could not stand watching her sink like that. With all his might, he gathered all the emotions that were running in his body - fear, worry, confusion, but also hope, determination that he could throw a lifeline to his sinking friend.

For the first time, he screamed. One that can be heard all around. He screamed - “Pilita! Pilita!”  over and over and over again until Roxanne noticed what was happening.

“Mother, your co-worker’s dog kept on barking!” Roxanne told Bridgette.

“It’s probably cold. He’ll be alright.” Bridgette reasoned.

“Yeah, I know. But the bigger dog is not. I think it’s drowning.”

“We can’t do anything about that, Roxanne. We have our own worries to attend to.”

“How can you say that, Mother?… Look, it’s sinking!”

Bridgette turned to look and caught only Pilita’s black snout.

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