Riele's POV

It was morning and my eyes springed open and all I saw was Alex sitting on a blue chair at the end of the room

"When do I see my mom again" I asked since that was all I could think of.

"You have responsibilities here and that's all you'll think about. Helping me with whatever I need because you are my mate"

" You said a mate needs to be there to support his or her mate. Aren't u also supposed to help me with what I want, and I want to see my mom"

" No" he said simply before heading to the bathroom to take a shower.

I took one of the keys and hid it in my gowns pocket.


After a couple minutes he walked out pulling out the key and locking me in the same room again. 

I smiled because I had a key and I could finally go home. It was a long journey but nothing in life was impossible right.

I waited for a really long time before heading towards the door to open it. I walked out and checked if anybody who recognised me wah around but no. There wasn't so I headed out.

I walked out slowly walking on my toes so no one would hear me. I couldn't risk been caught.

I walked towards a door that was slightly opened and had a ray of light shining out of it.

I slowly walked there and opened it. Walking out I saw over a hundred people walking around like it was a market place or something.....

Immediately they all turned around in my direction as if I opened a forbidden door.

They walked towards me slowly and I couldn't help but run as fast as I can.

What was with them. Did I do something wrong. Was the door sacred.

I couldn't help but scream as I ran as fast i can.

I found an abandoned road with little light and also found a place to hide from those creeps, so I did.

But......they kept coming closer and closer like they could smell me. I didn't waste time, I continued running not wanting to be caught. I was so scared, scared of been caught, scared of them,scared of never seeing mom and Lily again.

I fell on the floor and tears gather around me eyes as they approached me more and more

"Stop now" I heard a voice I was kind of used to yell.

" Alpha can't you smell her aura she's human said one of the guys who conducted himself while the rest stared at me like I was food to feast on.

"Everyone return to your Chambers for now, a meeting will be held to talk about this situation" he said and some of the other Lycanthropes stared at me before walking away slowly while murmuring.

I slowly turned and continued my run while he was talking to them. I ran without turning back and I didn't feel anybody run after me. I was happy very happy since I had finally made my escape or I was half way to it.

I ran with everything but of strength I had until all hopes died I met a big river in front of me and all my hopes died totally. Tears gathered all over again and I continued crying, a large hand carried my light figure above his shoulder and walked away from the river and I grumbled in anger and pain.

"Let me go" I yelled over and over at Alex who simply didn't care how many times I hit him or bite him.


Alex dropped me on the bed with a frown in his face like he wanted to yell at my face. But all on my mind was that I was back to square one and this place was a dead end.

"Don't ever leave this room again" he yelled.

" You said I wasn't kidnapped, so why can't I leave"

" You are human, other Lycanthropes can't resist killing you" he said rolling his eyes

" Then I don't want to be a human anymore" I didn't wanna be killed

" Well, being a Lycanthrope is a long process that I don't think you can endure you are too weak and may die during turning" I said in a sarcastic way that I couldn't help but notice...

"Im strong"

"I'll turn you one day, but for now remain here. Out of their reach I'll have Adam stay with you half of the day. So you won't be lonely" 

" I'd rather be lonely"

" I want the pretty lady to stay with me" he simply laughed

"I'll ask hope. If she can stay. She is usually quite busy" he said as he opened the door to leave

"BYE.........." I waved and he gave me a light smile and walked out slamming the door and locking it again

I rolled on the bed rubbing on mAh sprained ankle that I just noticed hurts a lot. I laid on the bed and slept off seeing I was tired cos of my marathon running..


Alex's POV

I smiled at her childish wave and walked out in search of hope to tell her about her dear friend request.

"Alpha, there is a problem in park 3. Hope is in an intense argument with an enraged Lycanthrope".

Adam reported"  I hurriedly ran there to see what was happening.

" Hope, go back to your Chambers please. I'll call on you later" she nodded with a frown and gave Oliver another glare before walking away

"Oliver please do the same, Adam calm everyone down"

"A meeting will be called to resolve the matter" I concluded rolling my eyes while walking out, leaving Adam to the task at hand.

On my way back to zone 1, something or someone jumped on me

"Baby" Sydney said with a sweet smile as she kissed my cheeks then my lips

"You look tired, who's stressing you" she said hugging me tight.

" I missed you" she whined 

"Me too, bby" .

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