"Ysmael! I'll kill you! You son of a bitch!"

Everyone inside the room was silent as they knelt in front of the presence of the king. As his anger shot up, so as his mana thus made everyone inside the room tremble.

A loud crash was once again heard. Afterward, they heard the loud breath of King Vicente IX.

Silence engulfed the whole room until the king broke it himself.

"If any of you could eliminate the Duke of Ivrea, I would, without a doubt, pass the crown to any of you."

The princes and princesses that were inside the room were shocked by the declaration of their Imperial Father. No, it wasn't a declaration anymore. It was more of an ultimatum!

"But of course, that wasn't an easy feat." The king continued, "That's why his daughter was there, wasn't it?"

Silence once again ensued. But it was broken down when the Second Prince answered.

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