For the first round, Hikari and Akaru will start it. Hikari creates a character that uses a sword meanwhile Akaru is using a ranged weapon.

All of the players there need to create their character because the owner told them to do it. It takes a long time for it. After Hikari has done with it, it was the other's turn to do it.

When they were waiting for the others, Hikari asks the owner if he can let him try the game. The owner gives Hikari permission for it, then the man that was carrying a bag before coming to him. He asks Hikari "Do you mind if I test it with you?" Hikari didn't care about it. He didn't know who is that man, but maybe by that way they can know each other well. Hikari just accepts it.

That man creates a character using a dual blade but looking at the design of the weapon, it was a different two-blade. Hikari was so weird with it but it looks cool. Hikari just cr

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