Chapter Two

The interior of the house is nothing short of my expectations. The living room is rounded with two double-seater and three single-seater sofas and a round wooden center table with an empty flower vase placed on it.

The master bedroom is in line with the kitchen and the living room separated it from the two other rooms, one of which I have to choose from.

The kitchen is adjoined together with the dining and doesn't have much furniture except for a few wall shelves, a small kitchen freezer placed beside the dishwasher with a mini oven placed on a shelf right above it while the dining has four wooden chairs and a rectangular table with wooden legs but with a glass surface.

Everything else in here seems to be made of wood.

"Mark, the shelves and the kitchen wall need a touch of paint," Mom said from behind me. I didn't realize she's so close until she spoke.

"I added two Can of grey paint for our room earlier when we came to make the payments but I didn't check out the kitchen, guess I will have to add more paints to the list of things I have to get from the local store tomorrow. How many Can are we going to need for the kitchen?."

"Two Can of paint will suffice. What color do you plan on getting?" Dad replied from the living room.

"Lemon green will suit the wall best, the shelves can be painted a deep shade of green." She responded while checking out the box shelf's one after the other.

"Amar, drop the bag in your hand somewhere and go check the rooms out. Make sure to let me know the color of paint you'll like me to get for you." She added without looking away from the shelves.

"Come over here mark, this one needs to be changed, it's ....."

I left the both of them to their discussion and went ahead to check the rooms out as she said.

I went to the first room and stopped to take a look at the worn-out door before turning its knob, the door made an awful creaking sound and stopped midway. It wouldn't open fully so I had to squeeze myself in through the tiny little space.

The room looks too small and the ceiling is just too low for my liking. It can't even admit half of my stuff.

'This room is surely not for me, it's no different from a rabbit hole.' I murmured before going out of the room while closing the door behind me. I head for the next room, silently praying it will be better.

I walk up to the door which seems to be in better shape, or so I thought. I heaved a sigh of relief before twisting its knob but it wouldn't bulge, oh please not again.

I had to try harder before it finally opened.

Phew! don't know why every door in this house has decided to add to my pent-up frustration as if it isn't enough that I had to leave my friends and everyone I've known all my life behind and start a new life in the middle of a freaking forest!.

With my eyes closed, I walk into the room slowly like a predator that doesn't want to scare its prey away but in all honesty, I'm the prey here. I don't want to be disappointed when I see what this room looks like too.

I walked a few meters forward and opened my eyes when I was sure I'm fully in the room but, an odd yet familiar feeling washed over me and the hair on my body stood up.

I can feel myself tremble while an all-too-familiar fear builds up in my chest.

It's here! I can feel it.

The same strange odd presence that has been oppressing me since I was eight is ogling in the air.

I can't put a name to this feeling but I know something is in the air and the room suddenly feels stuffy.

It's starting again, I can't breathe. I feel suffocated and my eyes felt like they can pop out any minute. I open and close my mouth in a desperate attempt to draw some air into my lungs but it's useless. I tried crying out for help but my tongue wouldn't bulge.

"Why are you doing this to m- e?" I finally voiced, asking no one in particular but I know it can hear me.

"Make it stop ple- ase, it hurts," I begged with beads of tears dropping from my red-rimmed eyes while my hands remain clung to my throat.

While I was still struggling to breathe, an invisible strong force pushed against my side and made me lose my balance.

I slipped, hitting my head on the paved floor. The last thing I remembered before passing out was the hurried footsteps of my parents and the alarming call of my name, then my vision went blank.

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