The Ancestral Witch

The Ancestral Witch

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The universe is no longer what it used to be and the world has become a total mess. The death of Gadelia, the ancestral wolfwitch assigned by the Heavenly Principalities to maintain the balance between the witches and wolfs has wrecked upon the two supernatural world, choas and war. The soul of Gadelia was prevented from passing through the third gate of Heaven by the Second Triad after she was murdered out of greed and jealousy by Madera, her blood sister. Sometimes the ones we least expect something from are the ones that does the most shocking things. For millenniums, the soul of Gadelia wondered the surface of earth, in search of a perfect and pure body to inhabit and all but one was found after decades of searching. Young and naive, Amaris Croston discovered a world that was believed to exist only in fairytales when she bumped into Lucian Moon, King Mozerus only son and also the heir to the wolf throne who turned out to be her 'mate', a word she didn't understand until she dived into the world of the supernaturals. A world so beautiful and enchanting yet full of mysteries and sometime, chaos and wars. She houses a soul as old as time itself and is been subjected to mental tortures by an invisible force. Fate is tricky but the moon goddess and other triads of heaven had it all planned out. Their meeting was a collision, a fuel and spark of combustion. The angels worked overtime to diffuse this bomb whilst two powerful mind found even ground, opening their mind to a destiny, only imagined in dreams long ago. Follow Amaris and Lucian on their daring journey of self-discovery, Love, Betrayal, War and Maintaining Stability.

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20 Chapters
Chapter One
      Hours had passed since we embarked on this journey but we are nowhere close to our destination. The journey seems endless and my feet feel numb for sitting too long.    "How long till we get there dad?" I asked with a grunt to show my discomfort.    "Very soon Mona." He replied while adjusting the car rear-view mirror so he could see my face while Mom gave me a pleading look.   After minutes of driving on the highway, dad pulls off the tarred road at a sign that reads 'Welcome To Denvon Community' and into a dirty muddy road. The more we continue down the road, the more it feels like we are leaving civilization behind.   Both sides of the road are lined with tall trees and all there is to see is a very thick forest that goes as long as the eye could see.   I roll down the left door window and put my face out of it. I
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Chapter Two
    The interior of the house is nothing short of my expectations. The living room is rounded with two double-seater and three single-seater sofas and a round wooden center table with an empty flower vase placed on it.   The master bedroom is in line with the kitchen and the living room separated it from the two other rooms, one of which I have to choose from.   The kitchen is adjoined together with the dining and doesn't have much furniture except for a few wall shelves, a small kitchen freezer placed beside the dishwasher with a mini oven placed on a shelf right above it while the dining has four wooden chairs and a rectangular table with wooden legs but with a glass surface.   Everything else in here seems t
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Chapter Three
    "Hello! Anyone here?" I called out into space and was responded by the echo of my voice.   I found myself in a void dark place that I'm guessing to be an empty room, judging from how loud my voice echoed.   I remember falling and hitting my head on the floor and the side of my head still hurt from the impact but, I don't remember coming to this place. 'Could this be the room I was checking out? Then dad must be somewhere near' I thought to myself.   "Dad where are you?" I called again and I got the same response, echoes.    I feel the need to get out of this room. Something isn't right here, I can feel it in my bones. The exit should be somewhere near. It's eerily dark and the darkness makes me uneasy.   I moved a few meters north but I couldn't find the door. I changed my direction and moved south and still couldn't feel a thing with my hands.
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Chapter Four
    Run!   That's exactly the only word my muddled up mind has been screaming but I couldn't will my legs to obey the command, and even if I do, to where? I remained rooted to my spot while my heart continues to drum crazily in my chest.   It talked! I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the creepy foghorn voice, a voice that could make the strongest of men crumble with fear, until I heard it speak again.    The voice sends shivers of fear down my spine whilst the temperature around me drops and the atmosphere became freezing cold.   "You're growing. Faster than I had imagined," it said, pausing for a second before it continues, "It's almost time and I can't wait to do it all over again." I flinched.   I can feel its burning gaze on me although I don't know what its face looks like and the voice of it I cannot distinguish, all I could do is to sta
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Chapter Five
  Laura's POV     "Put your mind at rest Laura, the doctor said she'll be fine," Mark reassured, holding my hand in his and drawing me close to him so my head rests on his chest.   Amar has been out for fifteen hours and I haven't blinked since then.   We are still at loss to what happened to her in the room before her deafening scream rang through the house and we found her right in the middle of the room lying motionlessly on the floor.   "Would you like a cup of coffee?" he asked with a worried look on his stressed face. We are both stressed.    "No," I replied looking away from him and back to my daughter. Over the past few hours, she has unconsciously been fighting herself on the bed and the doctor had to use restraint to prevent her from injuring herself.   "Now am worried for you Laura, you haven't slept nor eaten anythin
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Chapter Six
    "Morning mom." I greeted picking up an apple from the fruit bowl on the dining before drawing the wooden chair backward to make space for my feet while I sit.   "Morning dear. Do you feel any different?" She questioned.    To be honest, she's been suffocating me with questions since I got back home from the hospital. I understand that she's worried about me like a mother should be but, this is unlike her, she doesn't put her emotions on display like she's doing right now, she hides them perfectly. I'm not just used to this side of her.   "Where is dad?" I asked ignoring her question. She looked up to stare at me for some seconds before replying.   "He's outside trying to get the car ready for you. He volunteered to take you down to school himself so you don't have to wait for the bus."   He did? What about work, wouldn't he be late? I wondered o
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Chapter Seven
    I stood in awe, marveling at the beauty and architectural design of the hallway.   Wow!    The word escaped my lip before I could stop it.   Beauty is an understatement for a place like this. I wasn't expecting a building so old to have such a unique and amazing interior.   The long hallway was lined with different works of art, ranging from sculptures to paintings. My old school wasn't even half as beautiful.   "Excuse me," I stopped an average height blonde girl with freckles and dark chocolate hair packed in a tight bun. "Can you point the principal's office to me please?" I asked.   She stared at me for what seems to be like an eternity with intense curiosity in her eyes, murmuring incoherent words. I could only pick a few lines from what she was saying.   "...for the time has come for the awakening
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Chapter Eight
    Amaris's POV     How can this much beauty and perfection be awarded to a man, just one, out of billions?   It's moments like this that do make me wonder if God takes a special time off to create some people. I feel he's partial when it comes to allocating beauty to his creations.   I've countlessly found myself envying the beauty of Ariana Grande and Shakira, the hotness of Zayn and Drake, but the masterpiece in front of me is.. damn! He's super hot. Perfection is at its peak when it comes to him.   If truly gods still thread the surface of the earth, I'm sure standing in front of one. His dark chocolate hair was styled into a side fringe while his low chin strap beard leans across his sharp jawlines, making his triangular-shaped face more pronounced.   Mine, He stated.   His voice sounded more like a growl which is
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Chapter Nine
  "You missed the first class for the day." The principal whom I now know as Mr. Russel said, handing my timetable and locker's key over to me. He walked towards the door and I follow suit and we both stepped outside. I was disappointed when I met with the absence of the strange guy. This feeling of disappointment is meaningless. Why do I have to feel that way for a stranger? I questioned myself.   Mr. Russel lead me through the big hallway till we reached a big stained glass door with flower intricate, he stepped into the classroom and all the students chorused their greetings.   "Well," he started, "we have a new student on transfer and she will be joining this class. Introduce yourself please." He concluded, stepping aside for me to take the lead.  
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Chapter Ten
  The last class for the day is Biology. I kept on twitching and turning uncomfortably in my seat because he wouldn't look away. He concentrated so much on me like no one else exist.   "Mr. Moon," the teacher called. "I can see you've found yourself something more interesting than my class to get busy with," Mr. Railey, the biology teacher said, pausing his lecture to face the creepy guy who was startled. He quickly turned to his front with a faked serious look on his face but Mr. Railey wasn't fazed by his pretense.   "Not so fast Lucian!" I caught you already." He said in a strict tone. "Can you explain to the whole class what you found interesting on Miss Croston's face?" He asked and some chuckled, but Mr. Creepy didn't respond, he sat unmoving on his chair, still trying to keep a straigh
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